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Code of Credits - Long-Form Television - Credit Guidelines


The PGA’s rules for arbitration are currently in the process of revision for the forthcoming season.  We look forward to posting them here as soon as they become available.

Rules for award eligibility can be found on our awards site, [or by clicking here].

Current rules governing eligibility of the Producers Mark can be found at, [or by clicking here].



  1. The Executive Producer has final responsibility for all business and creative aspects of the production of the long-form television program, with direct participation in making decisions concerning a majority of the producing functions.

  1. The credit of Co-Executive Producer is to be granted and even then, only in rare or unusual circumstances to an individual who reports directly to and works directly with the Executive Producer in a decision-making capacity, assuming direct supervisory responsibilities for a significant majority of the producing functions, encompassing both above and below the line operations.
  2. The Co-Executive Producer reports directly and immediately to the Executive Producer.

  1. The Supervising Producer reports directly to the Executive Producer and/or Co-Exec. Producer.

  1. The Producer has the primary responsibility for ensuring that the creative vision of the Executive Producer and Director are faithfully executed within the approved budgetary parameters; and/or
  2. The Producer will have secured the underlying rights to the literary property on which the long-form program is based, or made a significant contribution to the development thereof, or else will have secured an essential and proportionately significant part of the financing for the long-form program.

  1. The "Produced by” is the single individual who has the primary responsibility for the logistics of the production, from pre-production through completion of production; all Department Heads report directly to the "Produced by”.

  1. The Visual Effects Producer has responsibility for the creative and business aspects of the long-form program in collaboration with the visual effects supervisor, director and the Executive Producer.

  1. The Associate Producer is responsible for performing one or more functions delegated to him/her by the Executive Producer, Co-Executive Producer, Supervising Producer, Producer, "Produced by”, or the Production Manager.




    1. The Production Supervisor/Manager reports directly and immediately to the person performing the "Produced by”/Line Producer or UPM functions.

    2. The Production Supervisor/Manager has the primary responsibility for the logistics of the production of the motion picture, from pre-production through the completion of production.


    1. The Production Coordinator reports to the person(s) receiving the "Produced by”/Line Producer credit, or the Production Supervisor/Manager or UPM.

    2. The Coordinator interacts with various studio and production departments concerning any and all logistics of production and is responsible for facilitating production requirements including, but not limited to, equipment contracts, purchase orders, film inventory, insurance, day player contracts, crew deal memos, travel and shipping, call sheets, production reports, cast and crew lists, and compliance with various union report requirements.



    1. The Post Production Supervisor reports directly to the "Produced by”/Line Producer.

    2. The Post Production Supervisor is responsible for the coordination and oversight of the entire post production process, but not primarily as a production company executive.


    1. The Post Production Coordinator reports directly to the Post Production Supervisor.

    2. The Coordinator is responsible for facilitating post production functions as assigned by the Post Supervisor, which can involve interaction with various studio and post production departments concerning any and all aspects of the logistics of post production, such as working with the vendors, helping prepare day player contracts and crew deal memos, scheduling ADR, making travel arrangements, distributing paperwork, maintaining crew lists, etc.