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Membership Requirements

This list represents the current titles and credits recognized by the PGA for membership. Though your credit/title may not be listed here, we invite you to check here frequently as additional titles may be included as our criteria adapts to changes within the producing community and entertainment industry at large.

The Producing Team is responsible for the art, craft, and science of production and consists of those individuals whose interdependency and support of each other are necessary for the creation of motion pictures, television programming, and New Media content. The producing team is comprised of Producers, all those on the career path to becoming Producers, and additional team members that include:

  • Producers
  • Executive Producers
  • Co-Executive Producers (Television Only)
  • Co-Producers
  • Line Producers
  • Supervising Producers
  • Production Supervisors
  • Production Managers
  • Production Coordinators
  • Associate Producers
  • Segment Producers
  • Field Producers
  • Senior Story Producers
  • Story Producers
  • Post-Production Producers
  • Post-Production Supervisors
  • Post-Production Managers
  • Post-Production Coordinators
  • Visual Effects Producers
  • Visual Effects Coordinators

  • Producers
  • Executive Producers
  • Co-Producers
  • Line Producers
  • Supervising Producers
  • Associate Producers
  • Senior Producers
  • Animation Producers
  • Visual Effects Producers
  • Visual Effects Co-Producers
  • Executive Producer of Visual Effects
*Recognized categories and platforms in conjunction with recognized New Media credits are:
    • Broadband
    • DVD/Blu-Ray (BD Live)
    • Video Games
    • Mobile
    • Digital VFX
    • Animation
    • Interactive/Enhanced TV
    • Special Venue
    • Transmedia

The PGA is aware that New Media producer credits will continue to evolve with new technologies and we are committed to recognizing qualified producers in these areas and establishing a universal standard. We encourage storytelling New Media professionals who do not have the specific credited title of "Producer” but who share the same responsibilities and duties defined in the PGA New Media Credit Guidelines to apply and allow the PGA to verify their qualification as producers.

To join the PGA an applicant must have received on-screen/on-air credits and performed the job functions for at least one of the capacities listed under the section "The Producing Team” (see above) within the past seven (7) years, as indicated below:

  • No less than two (2) feature films that have had broad domestic theatrical (or verifiable large-scale DVD/Netflix/Blockbuster) release or verifiable broad international theatrical release.
  • Independent Producers of Motion Pictures
    An individual with the credit of Producer/Produced By, Executive Producer, Co-Producer, Co-Executive Producer, Supervising Producer, or Line Producer shall be eligible for membership provided they have two (2) separate feature length films falling under any of the of the following qualifications:

    • One feature length film with Exclusive Theatrical Runs in a minimum of 2 markets, one of which must have a population of over 1 million. Theatrical runs must be at least one week to qualify; or
    • VOD (Video on Demand) – One feature length film that has gone direct to DVD and is distributed through Netflix, Blockbuster, etc; or
    • One feature length film in any of the following major film festivals:
      • AFI Fest (USA)
      • Berlin International Film Festival (Germany)
      • Cannes Festival International Du Film (France)
      • Los Angeles Film Festival (USA)
      • New York Film Festival (USA)
      • Sundance Film Festival (USA)
      • Telluride Film Festival (USA)
      • Toronto Film Festival (Canada)
      • Tribeca Film Festival (USA)
      • Venice Film Festival (Italy)

  • No less than two long form television programs (MOW’s, miniseries, major specials) which have been marketed broadly (nationally broadcast).
  • No less than 13 air weeks of television episodic programs (scripted series, or non-fiction/docs/reality shows) either marketed broadly (nationally broadcast) in the domestic territory or having aired in a local market on a major channel with 1 million+ viewers as verified by a reputable measurement index, such as Nielsen Media Research.
  • No less than 26 air weeks of non-episodic TV programs (strip [5-days-a-week] talk, game, news/magazine, clip, "countdown” shows, etc.) either marketed broadly in the domestic territory (nationally broadcast) or having aired in a local market on a major channel with 1 million+ viewers as verified by a reputable measurement index, such as Nielsen Media Research.

  • No less than two (2) New Media Projects that have broad domestic or verifiable international release within the content category and distribution platforms as follows:
    • Content Category:
      Digitally-enabled interactive storytelling productions, internet entertainment productions, video game productions, digital visual effects, animation, and special venue productions.
    • Distribution Platforms:
      Broadband (Internet/Online), DVD/Blu-ray/CD-ROM, Game Console/PC/Wireless, Set-Top Box, Interactive/Enhanced Television; Special Venues (e.g., museums, visitor centers, amusement parks, location-based entertainment).

  • Individuals who receive a nomination for a producing award for the Oscars, Emmys (ATAS only), or Producers Guild Awards and apply for membership within two (2) years of their nomination are automatically qualified for membership.
The PGA does not accept the following types of production work for consideration:

  • Commercials
  • Corporate videos
  • EPKs
  • Infomercials
  • Interstitials
  • Music production
  • Music videos
  • Non-domestic TV
  • Pornography
  • Promos
  • PSAs
  • Short films
  • Student films
  • Telethons
  • TV pilots

Professional experience and qualifications must be verified by one referring (1) PGA member (acting as a sponsor) and two (2) additional industry references with direct knowledge of the applicant’s production experience.

  • A PGA sponsor must have direct knowledge of the applicant’s production experience and should either have a significant professional relationship or have worked with him/her in the past.
  • A PGA member who has only briefly met or known the applicant in a social setting but is unable to comment first-hand on their professional work cannot serve as a PGA Sponsor for the applicant.
  • Though statements by the PGA sponsor carry significant weight, sponsorship by a PGA member does not supersede other membership requirements and does not guarantee acceptance into the PGA.

  • References must have direct knowledge of the applicant’s production experience and should have worked with or supervised the applicant in the past.
  • List individuals who can confirm your work on productions you’re asking us to consider.
  • It is advantageous and preferable for the applicant to list professional peers or supervisors who can verify credits for consideration and comment on the applicant’s performance. However, this doesn't mean that references are limited to peers within the producing profession. Applicant's can use other "high level" personnel from the production (such as the director, editor, etc.) to provide verification of work performed. Listing references that can comment on your experience and your production work significantly speeds up the application process.
  • Ensure that your references are aware that you are selecting them as individuals who can verify their production experience. Individuals who are unaware that they are references, more often than not, do not reply to inquiries from our Membership Committee. No response can either delay the application process or merit a denial for membership.

  • In addition to providing credits for consideration on your application, you are required to submit a resume and/or biography. There is no specific format required but your resume (or bio) should be more than a simple printout from IMDb. This is your opportunity to communicate any aspect that you feel the application leaves out and will assist the Membership Committee in arriving at a recommendation.

Upon becoming an active member you are placed in one of three councils determined by your current title, experience and/or career path, and placement recommendation of the Membership Committee. The following is a breakdown of which titles are included in the Producers Council, Associate Producers Council (AP Council), and the New Media Council (NMC):

This council is comprised of producers who are responsible for a majority of the producing functions throughout the entire production of a project.
  • Producers
  • Executive Producers
  • Co-Producers
  • Co-Executive Producers
  • Line Producers
  • Supervising Producers

This council includes five categories which are comprised of producing team members who fulfill one or more of the essential functions of motion picture or television production.
  • Associate Producers/Production Supervisors/Production Managers
  • Production Coordinators
  • Segment/Field/Story Producers
  • Post Production Producers/Supervisors/Managers/Coordinators
  • VFX Producers/Coordinators
Membership in the AP Council requires at least two (2) AP Council credits within one of the categories listed above (e.g. two (2) credits as segment producer).

This council is comprised of producers who are responsible for a majority of the producing functions on a New Media project. The following graph shows the category in conjunction with the new media platform:

Producer X XX
Executive Producer X X X X X X X
Co-Producer X X X X
Line Producer X X X
Supervising Producer X
Associate Producer X
Senior Producer X
Animation Producer X
VFX Producers X
VFX Co-Producer X
Executive Producer of VFX X

After you have sent in your membership application, supporting documents (bio and/or resume), and payment here’s how the process works:

Upon receipt of all materials your application will be processed and then be vetted by the Membership Committee. MEMBERSHIP IS NOT AUTOMATIC. Our goal is to have a recommendation within 30-90 days.
  • Your application is checked to make sure you’ve sent in all the information required and requested. Applications must be accompanied by a bio and/or resume and payment for the application fee, initiation fee, and annual dues. Applications missing any of these items are incomplete, will not be processed, and will be purged from our system.

  • The application is then passed on to the Membership Committee and/or Director of Membership who will verify your credits, job duties and experience. Upon determining your eligibility, the committee and/or the Director of Membership will then make a recommendation to the Board of Directors for final approval.

  • Your name will go before the Board of Directors for final review. Once the Board of Directors grants you active membership in the council that you were determined to be qualified for, you'll receive an official welcome email detailing your logon and password info. Membership cards for new members are ordered monthly at beginning of each month and will arrive in the mail 2-4 weeks after acceptance.

  • If you're not recommended for membership, a notification by email will be sent highlighting the Membership Committee’s recommendation and all fees paid will be refunded; with the exception of the non-refundable application fee. If you are denied membership this does not restrict you from applying in the future. Should your credits or professional experience change, the PGA encourages you to reapply for membership.
After you are approved for membership you will then start receiving mailings and email concerning PGA activities as well as our "Produced By” magazine and monthly calendar. You will also be eligible to attend PGA seminars, screenings, and all other PGA events. In addition, you will be added to the annually published Roster, and granted access to our online database.

We accept VISA, MASTERCARD, and AMERICAN EXPRESS debit/credit cards. Payment by check and the "bill me" option within the payment system at the end of the application is reserved for members only. There are two payment options for each council when submitting payment: standard payment option and the minimum payment option. The following is a breakdown of the two payment options for each council when applying for membership; including the cost of annual dues:

Producers Council
AP Council
New Media Council
App Fee*$50App Fee*$50App Fee*$50
Initiation Fee$725Initiation Fee$350Initiation Fee$350
Annual Dues$395Annual Dues$195Annual Dues$195
Total to Apply
Total to Apply
Total to Apply
(First Installment)
App Fee*$50App Fee*$50App Fee*$50
Initiation Fee**$250Initiation Fee**$125Initiation Fee**$125
1/2 Annual Dues$1951/2 Annual Dues$951/2 Annual Dues$95
Min to Apply
Min to Apply
Min to Apply
(Second Installment)
Initiation Fee**$250Initiation Fee**$125Initiation Fee**$125
1/2 Annual Dues$2001/2 Annual Dues$1001/2 Annual Dues$100
Amount Due
Amount Due
Amount Due
(Third Installment)
Initiation Fee**$225Initiation Fee**$100Initiation Fee**$100
Annual Dues (2nd Year)
$395Annual Dues (2nd Year)
$195Annual Dues (2nd Year)
Amount Due
Amount Due
Amount Due

* Application Fee is non-refundable.
** Minimum Payment Option - Initiation fee will be paid in three (3) equal installments over a period not to exceed two (2) years. First payment includes: non-refundable application fee, initiation fee (1st installment), ½ annual dues.

CouncilBilling CycleRateDue On
Producers CouncilAnnual$395.00Date Varies Based on Initiation Date
AP CouncilAnnual$195.00Date Varies Based on Initiation Date
New Media CouncilAnnual$195.00Date Varies Based on Initiation Date

If you are interested in joining the PGA, please see our Frequently Asked Questions first, and then proceed to our Membership Application. Should you have any questions regarding membership requirements please email our Director of Membership, Bryce Averitt at

  • Membership is not automatic. Allow 30-90 days for processing.
  • Final placement within a category/council is determined by the Membership Committee.
  • Incomplete applications will not be accepted.
  • Bio/resume and payment must be included; applications that lack these items will be deemed incomplete.
  • Incomplete applications will not be accepted and will be subsequently purged.
  • Be sure to select a PGA sponsor and references that are able to verify your work.
  • All monies will be refunded, with the exception of the application fee, if you are denied membership.