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1. NMC July 2015 Chair Report
2. PGA East NMC Steering Committee Meeting & Call for NMC Event Proposals
3. Upcoming NMC Events
4. New Media Council Social Media
5. Noteworthy Announcements
6. Member Spotlight: Dennis Lovelace
7. New Media Council Board of Delegates



Greetings NMC Members...

At our first meeting for the newly activated Board on June 10, the following Delegates were elected or appointed (by the Chair) to one-year terms as Officers of the PGA New Media Council:

NMC Chair - John Heinsen

Vice Chairs - Caitlin Burns and Emily Barclay Ford

Secretaries - Jenni Ogden and Deb Todd

PGA East NMC Liaison - Caitlin Burns

PGA Northwest NMC Liaison - Sophia Kim

PGA National Board of Directors - Gary Bryman (three-year term)

Now that our new Delegates and Officers are in place, the real work for the year has begun. You will soon be hearing about our upcoming educational sessions as well as industry events.

ALL of these opportunities to learn and grow within our industry are open to ALL PGA Members. If you see something you think a friend from another Council would be interested in, please let them know. This was the reason of having the NMC WIRE accessible from the weekly PGA Newsletter. Other great resources and event information are also accessible via our NMC WIRE Facebook Page. I highly encourage everyone to "Like" and "Share" it:

Another big priority for the Board this year is to hear from YOU as to how we can help bring more value to your membership and the organization as a whole. Our annual planning retreat will be at the end of July and I would encourage you to email me any thoughts, which I am happy to present to the group.

Much thanks and have a wonderful 4th of July!

John Heinsen
NMC Chair



July 16, 2015
6:00pm - 9:00pm

All PGA NMC members are invited to attend and contribute to our East Coast Council's Steering Committee. These meetings are quarterly opportunities to connect with other NMC members, relate concerns, ask questions, and propose new ideas for events, outreach, and educational initiatives.

• Have you got a panel you've always wanted to see?
• A space you'd love to know more about?
• An idea to make the NMC work better?

Bring your ideas to the PGA East NMC Steering Committee Meeting!

If you can't attend in person, please send you proposals to by 12:00pm EST on July 16 to be considered at this meeting.

Join us to meet board members, learn about our council's 2015-2016 initiatives, upcoming events, and how to propose your own.

Attend in person at:

PGA East Office
100 Avenue of the Americas, Suite 1240
New York, NY 10013

See you there!

For more questions, please contact



1. The NMC Board Retreat has been confirmed for Sunday, July 26 from 10:30am-2:30pm PST.

2. Transmedia Master Class @ Lotus Post in Santa Monica on Saturday, August 1. 9:00am – 9:30am registration and continental breakfast; 9:30am – 12:30pm presentation and Q&A. For more info and to register go to:

3. CTIA: Super Mobility Week
September 9-11, 2015
Sands Convention Center - Las Vegas, NV

FREE for ALL PGA Members!

Registration Instructions:
Click here to register and use the code PGAXP15 at checkout to receive a FREE exhibits pass. Includes Show Floor, Keynotes, and Partner Sessions.



Be sure to like and follow us on Facebook at for relevant news, announcements, blog posts, event photos, and content!

Also follow our Twitter feed PGA NMC (New Media) @PGANMCWIRE.



The Wire will be adding noteworthy announcements about work that our members are involved in. If you would like to be included, please submit a brief, 1-2 sentence description of your noteworthy work to be considered.

Instant Films, an invite-only 48 hour film festival, is hosting their 29th festival at Los Angeles Center Studios on Sunday, July 28 at 7:00pm. Appetizers and parking provided, and a cash bar. $10 online, $20 at the bar.

PGA NMC Board Member Jesse Albert is helping to program the Vancouver International Film Festival's Industry Exchange, which is the only Canadian marketplace of its kind devoted specifically to digital online content. They are currently looking for distributors. If you work for a major distributor or buyer they will fly them up to do one-on-ones, particularly looking for women! For more information email Jesse: September 30 - October 1.

The Deborah Hill committee is getting ready to shoot a mini-documentary and will be looking for volunteers. Stay tuned for details!

* GUIDELINES: If you are speaking at a conference or event, showcasing, opening, or releasing your work, etc., you may submit a 1-2 sentence announcement. These do not need to be PGA events, but must be relevant. No photos may be included at this time.

Send submissions to your NMC board secretaries:
Jenni Ogden –
Deb Todd –



"The younger generation is so focused on web, not TV. They are not susceptible to the old advertising models. Today, it's about cultivating a community around your products and trust with your brand."

Dennis Lovelace specializes in crucial education for his clients about how digital media can enhance and evolve their brands. A TV pro who began his career with a graphic design degree from Lynchburg College in VA, he first fell in love with TV and video while working for the college TV station.

"After graduation, I moved to a local ABC affiliate part-time and taught at the college. My brother, who was in LA, talked me into moving. I made the leap and got a starting position at a production house in Hollywood, then joined Fox at the time of 'The Tracy Ullman Show' and the first seasons of 'The Simpsons'." Lovelace managed the Fox vault for 4 years before getting involved in broadcast operations at the Fox TV and cable networks.

"I became interested in editing and started a small production company with a friend. We bought an Avid and started cutting small projects. Fox Broadcasting leveraged my new skillset by hiring me to cut episodic promos. In 2006, my department at Fox, which provided programming for viewers that had the old-style KU and C Band satellite dishes, closed when DirecTV launched and became more popular. I moved to KTTV FOX 11 and started producing content for intended distribution on the web and mobile devices."

KTTV was pioneering a web site with heavy focus on media and Lovelace could edit media. This local affiliate was leading the charge to be media centric on the web and incorporated Lovelace as part of a team that launched

"I was primarily a web producer for the 'Good Day LA' morning show. We live-streamed video and then chopped it up for the web, wrote stories and specials and managed live streams for breaking news. We started from zero and grew to over 2 million user clicks a month."

When the economy took a downturn in 2008, his department was down-sized from just under 10 to basically one person as the networks tried to figure out how to use the technology.

Lovelace freelanced for the next part of his career – producing, operating camera, learning multiple network jobs. But, there was something he'd always wanted to do: devote time to invest in himself with his own production company. "Now I have an office/studio downtown and the company is growing. Companies are understanding how to use digital tools and social media, and there is more interest in getting content out there. I'm excited about what's coming next."

"The concept of casting broadly is slowly dying out. You have to be niche now and accept that you can't service all the needs of your audience in enough detail. My job for my clients is to translate the technology for them and show them effective ways to market their brands in the new mobile landscape. There are so many tools. It's a matter of picking one and sticking with it if it matches the goals of the client."

"For most businesses, you need Facebook and Twitter, but then it depends. My advice is: Do something and do it consistently. Get good content and people will find it. We're moving out of the era of 'Mad Men' using catchy jingles and clever ad slogans. After years of that, consumers have been largely desensitized. Companies can cut through the clutter with great content, educate their customers and build relationships and community. For example, a restaurant can start a food blog that shares great recipes. As a relationship is built, there is a slow build of brand trust. Then, you are able to make the sale. Not only do you create a better customer, you have a customer who will become your brand ambassador and spread your message for you."

"There is a learning curve for working on YouTube. It skews young, so you need to learn how to tailor content to that audience. We found that standards are less polished there. Viewers want to see realistic and personalized content, but it's getting more sophisticated as YouTube grows. The constant is that you must make a one-on-one connection with your audience."

Currently, Lovelace runs his own creative agency called LovelaceMedia, which focuses on helping companies create brands in the digital space. LovelaceMedia has garnered accolades for its campaigns, among them 3 recent documentary Telly Awards. He also co-founded a production company, QooL Media Studios, with a former colleague, and together they have developed MommyLovesTech, a family-focused tech blog and YouTube channel.

Lovelace heard about the PGA from one of the sports producers he worked with. "He sponsored me and I got in. I've been a member since June 2011. It's been challenging to figure out where I fit, but that's changing now with the latest Board. I recently opened my studio as an event space for PGA events. Our first event was a mixer to showcase the committees and opportunities for members to get involved. I signed up for several myself! I'm also thinking about producing a PGA podcast."

Question of the Month: How can the PGA do more for its members?

"One thing I'd like to see is the PGA being more proactive about promoting the self-produced content members create on a PGA distribution channel. We can do more with the PGA YouTube Channel as a showcase, for example. There's an opportunity to use the clout of the PGA to showcase what's being produced by our members. We should celebrate and showcase the work that our producers create and bring in potential buyers and distributors to screen curated content.

"I like producing the content. I often say that I'm a good shooter and a great editor, but a fantastic producer. I like putting all the elements together. Bringing in new things requires you to think quickly and improvise, which is great fun."



John Heinsen – Chair, National Board of Directors
Emily Barclay Ford – Vice Chair
Caitlin Burns – Vice Chair, PGA East NMC Liaison
Gary Bryman – National Board of Directors
Kate McCallum – National Board of Directors
Felicia Wong – National Board of Directors
Jenni Ogden – Secretary
Deb Todd – Secretary
Sophia Kim – PGA Northwest NMC Liaison
Jesse Albert
Wayne Billheimer
Kristin Bousquet
Asi Burak
Stacy Burstin
John Canning
Blaine Graboyes
Emon Hassan
Esther Lim
Cris Popenoe
John Roberts
Renee Rosenfeld
Julia Schulhof
Vaturi Gualit
Vicente Williams