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We’re not going to show you what happened onstage at the Producers Guild Awards last month; you can check our video feature for that. But we’ve collected a series of photos that take you everywhere other than the stage… Oscars producer Bruce Cohen chatting with King’s Speech director Tom Hooper before dinner; David Fincher embracing Visionary Award nominee Laura Ziskin on the red carpet; host Judd Apatow trying out some of the night’s material on Will Ferrell and Adam McKay; Tom Hanks and Kenneth Branagh cracking up backstage; PGA President Hawk Koch in the green room after the show, congratulating the Awards team on a job well done.

In this photo slideshow, you’ll see nominees, power players, stars and PGA members mixing and mingling together, before, during and after the Awards. It’s as close as you can get to the "feel” and the spirit of the event without being there. And if you weren’t there this year, we hope that you’re sufficiently inspired by them to come out for our 2012 Awards show. (It’ll be here before you know it.)