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The Networker Blog is the internal publication of the Producers Guild. In it, members will find information about Guild benefits, programs and initiatives, career advice, member spotlights, and extensive coverage of major Guild events, seminars and screenings.


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Posted By Jeffrey Lerner, Tuesday, October 18, 2011
The Networker 2.0 - The Reboot

If you haven’t noticed, the summer’s biggest blockbusters come to you in pretty familiar forms. It seems that we can’t help but to tool, tinker and putter in order to create the latest and greatest thing based on the last latest and greatest thing you saw a few years ago.

Welcome to the age of the ‘reboot’. Can there be a superhero franchise film these days that doesn’t go through this rebirth every few years? Yes, what is old or waning from our memory is new again. With that in mind, welcome to our own ‘reboot’ of the Networker!

So many things have changed and evolved with our little member newsletter since it was created in 2002. However, the one thing that is consistent is our commitment to showcase our extraordinary members and numerous activities that represent the PGA. Now that we’ve grown to over 4,500 members covering three councils and a growing national presence with three established regions and more on the way, we think it’s time to refocus our mission and expand our content in new and exciting ways. As you’ll see, we’re embracing interactivity in this online format and we’ll have the ability to post comments and get direct feedback from all of our readers. We also look forward to posting video content soon and encourage all of the membership to upload videos and photos that they’ve taken at guild events as well. We’re really making great strides to create a robust and well-trafficked online PGA community.

If you haven’t been participating in PGA sponsored events, seminars or committees, now is your chance to be part of this wonderful and vital organization. All you need to do is show up! To this day, I’m still surprised by the number of folks who don’t participate in our committees or soak in the vast amount of programming we do. From my experience, the best way to network in our business is to get involved. Hopefully, after reading our new online newsletter, you’ll want to get involved.

The Networker is also pleased to have one of our old friends back, Steven Lenchner. Steven and I started The Networker and I’m thrilled he’s returned to help launch this new chapter online.

Thank you for your patience and continued interest in The Networker while we’ve been retooling. We’re eager, especially in this transformative stage, to hear from you. Let us know what you think and what you’d like to see in the weeks and months ahead. We look forward to providing new ways to keep you informed, updated, and involved with the PGA!

Rebootfully yours,


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