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Message from the Presidents: Introducing Hire PGA - a concierge service for employers

Posted By Conor Hammonds, Monday, October 12, 2020

Dear PGA Members:

As shifts in the industry persist, we as a Guild are focused on getting our members back to work as swiftly, safely and securely as possible. We are tackling this on two fronts: first, by establishing safety standards and educational opportunities via our “COVID Safety Protocols for Producing Independent Productions,” hosting weekly roundtables, and developing the “Tips from the Field” resource on the PGA website; and now, by helping our members get back to work through our new “Hire PGA” initiative. “Hire PGA” is the Guild’s proactive effort to connect employers directly to members of the Guild seeking jobs.

Our thanks goes out to the Employment Committee Chairs and the staff that have been working tirelessly on this program. “Hire PGA” has been fashioned as a concierge service for employers as it offers them four distinct opportunities to access the Guild’s membership with their opportunities, including: inclusion in a new weekly Job Listings bulletin, hiring events like the Job Forum, speed interview sessions, and custom hiring events. PGA staff is facilitating this new service. You can find all of the details here:

We hope that we can enlist your support in two ways. First, if you are returning back to work and looking to crew up, we encourage you to utilize "Hire PGA" as a way to get the word out and potentially expand your candidate pool. We also hope that you will help us spread the word with employers. In order to make the program as robust as possible, we began testing the waters over the past month by sending a few different job opportunities - across documentary, narrative, and, as they have become more common, live streamed events - directly to members. These roles encompass the entire producing team, from executive to line producing. We are very excited to roll this out broadly to the full membership as we seek to assist our members in returning to work.

If you have any questions or ideas, please reach out to

Thank you.

All the best,

Gail Berman            Lucy Fisher

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Posted By Administration, Monday, August 31, 2020
Updated: Monday, October 12, 2020
Guidelines coverThe Producers Guild of America’s (PGA) Production Safety Task Force has published a comprehensive safety guide for producers as they go back to work titled COVID Safety Protocols for Producing Independent Productions.”

In addition to the guidelines, the PGA is in the process of creating a “Tips from the Field” online resource where producers and department heads can post tips and insights from productions they’re working on. This will create a living hub of information, all accessible to the general public, that is designed to provide further resources and support as the pandemic continues.

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Message from the Presidents: One Guild, PGAʼs new structure for diversity, equity and inclusion

Posted By Brian Liscek, Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Dear PGA Members:

We are writing to share the results of some of the impressive and hard work that has been undertaken over the past several months to both clarify and give further shape to PGA’s very important diversity, equity and inclusion goals.

The PGA’s mission is to represent, protect and promote the interests of all members of the producing team.

The One Guild initiative was established in 2018 to address the specific needs of under-represented and under-served groups by strategically focusing on the Guild’s internal efforts and external collaborations to increase and foster membership, guild leadership, employment and to encourage authentic depictions.

We are pleased to be able to update you and share some of the exciting initial developments:


- Spearheading the One Guild effort are its Committee Chairs Tonya Lewis Lee and president emeritus Lori McCreary.
- One Guild is now an open national committee welcoming every member to participate. We all have a part to play in realizing a more just and equitable industry. We invite you to join the One Guild Committee:
- Many of One Guild’s initial programs, which included a series of the very popular bi-coastal “Producers on Producing” events, a quickly growing College Ambassador Program, the very successful Women’s Impact Network (WIN) with its bi-coastal regional committees, and the influential Power of Diversity Master Workshop, will remain as mainstays of our initiative, but will now exist under a reorganized One Guild structure that will better accommodate more initiatives and voices leading efforts.
- Envisioned under the new One Guild committee structure are a series of self-organizing Working Groups. Any member or group of members can request formation of a Working Group. Working Groups could be affinity-based or subject based. For guidelines to propose the formation of a Working Group:
- How does this impact WIN and the Diversity Committees? WIN will now be a Working Group led jointly by Jane Evans, Linda Evans, Julie Goldstein and Denise Hendricks. As an affinity-based group, the shift to becoming a Working Group won't impact current WIN programming or membership in WIN.
- The Diversity Committees based out of Los Angeles and New York have been merged into the new One Guild Committee and we anticipate the formation of several new Working Groups organized around specific issues or concerns by under-represented and under-served constituencies. All Current Diversity Committee members will automatically be members of the One Guild Committee. We would like to thank former Diversity Committee Chairs Dan Halperin, Diane Houslin, Lisa Kors and Matthew Principe for their excellent and dedicated work over the past years and for their assistance in making this transition a smooth one.
- And finally, advising Tonya and Lori will be One Guild’s Steering Group whose members include PGA Presidents Gail Berman and Lucy Fisher, along with: Alicia Agramonte; Stephanie Allain Bray; Julie Anderson; Candi Carter; Yolanda Cochran; Jesse Collins; Melanie Cunningham; Anissa Douglass; Mike Farah; Donna Gigliotti; David Hinojosa; Charles Howard; Reggie Hudlin; Iris Ichista; Courtney Kemp; James Lopez; Nate Moore; Mauricio Mota; Tia Smith; Shelby Stone; Julius Tennon; Mimi Valdés; Pam Veasey; Samantha Vincent; Lorin Williams; Janet Yang; and Teddy Zee.


One Guild’s first Open Committee Meeting
Hosted by Committee Chairs Tonya Lewis Lee and Lori McCreary 
Thursday, August 20 
3 - 4 PM Pacific / 6 - 7 PM Eastern 

To all of those members that have reached out, engaged, shared their disappointments and hopes, as well as their time, we appreciate your input and look forward to welcoming anyone else who wants to join us in supporting One Guild and the PGA’s renewed commitment to advancing diversity, equity and inclusion within our organization and our productions.

Thank you.

All the best,

Gail Berman              Lucy Fisher


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Official Statement from the Producers Guild of America

Posted By Administration, Wednesday, June 3, 2020
Updated: Monday, June 1, 2020

The PGA stands with the Black community and recognizes that until they can live without fear and with respect and justice, we cannot rest. The PGA leadership continues to remain committed to diversifying our membership to ensure that more under represented voices are at the table. We, as an industry of story tellers, must hold each other accountable for our actions to help create change. #blacklivesmatter 

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Letter From the Presidents: Members Relief Fund Announced

Posted By Administration, Tuesday, March 24, 2020
Updated: Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Dear Members,

Today the Guild is announcing the creation of The Producers Guild of America Members Relief Fund. The launch of the fund is made possible by a generous lead gift from former PGA president Mark Gordon, in the amount of $100,000. Members who are in need of emergency financial relief due to the coronavirus crisis can apply for aid at

In these unprecedented times, the most immediate need for so many of our members is financial assistance and resources. It is for this reason that we have moved quickly to put into place an emergency fund to help support members whose livelihoods have been impacted by the coronavirus crisis.

While the PGA relief fund has a limited amount of money currently available, we hope to continue to grow this resource so we can serve and assist as many of you as possible. To that end, we are doing a broad outreach to secure further donations and increase the longevity of the fund.

Anyone interested in donating can do so by going to Any support you can offer will be greatly appreciated. No donation is too small, and charitable contributions are tax-deductible.

It is by pulling together and supporting our fellow PGA members that we will make it through this crisis. Please know as members of the Guild, you are not alone. We are here to offer emotional support, financial assistance and resources, as well as to keep our community of producers engaged during this time of great uncertainty.

Regarding details for the new fund, it is being administered by The Actors Fund, which offers resources and assistance for entertainment professionals in all areas of the industry.

The Producers Guild of America Members Relief Fund will provide financial help of up to $1,000 to qualifying applicants. Members must provide the following to be eligible for funds:

• Current Producers Guild of America membership letter (to be provided by the PGA)
• Most recent bank statement
• Current lease or mortgage

Again, that link to apply for aid is To donate, you can go to

Stay well.


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