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2/19/2014 to 2/28/2014
When: 2/19/2014

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The continued growth and success of our Guild depends upon your support and commitment, and that of all our members. The Producers Guild of America East will be having elections this spring for our Executive Committee. This is a separate election from the PGA National election; PGA East members on active status (which simply means dues are current) can run for office in both elections.

Over the next five weeks, the PGA East Nominating Committee will be meeting to discuss possible nominees to run for the positions of PGA East CHAIR, VICE-CHAIRS, FINANCIAL OFFICER and MEMBERS-AT-LARGE. These positions on the PGA East Executive Board are two-year terms and are limited to two consecutive terms. The Executive Committee is comprised of the PGA East Chair, two Vice-Chairs, eight Members-At-Large, the PGA East Financial Officer and the Chair Emeritus.

Members are welcome to run for any position on the board. Including all the incumbents running for reelection for their second and final consecutive term, there are two vacant seats - Financial Officer and Member at Large – that need to be filled. 

What is the Executive Committee?

1) The Executive Committee is the governing body of PGA East and is composed of twelve (12) elected and voting officers residing in the PGA East region, plus one ex officio, non-voting seat (Past Chair). All Elected Officials must be PGA members in good standing. Only the Elected Officials shall vote in matters of governance of PGA East.

2) The Executive Committee makes policy for PGA East, under the Constitution and By-Laws of the Guild; maintains and effects the day-to-day operations of PGA East, including supervising the office and office employees, interns and volunteers; oversees expenses; and approves the budget submitted annually to the Guild.

3) All members of the Executive Committee are expected to participate in PGA East efforts, duties, and planning throughout their term. Members are also expected to attend the annual General Membership Meeting and participate in all Executive Committee meetings and projects.

4) Members of the Executive Committee work to further the goals, ideals, and vitality of the PGA East. They also represent the interests of the organization’s diverse membership.

5) The Executive Committee meets with the PGA East Advisory Board at least two times a year. Chairs and Co-Chairs of each standing committee constitute the Advisory Board, in addition to the immediate past PGA East Chair and Vice Chairs and the nationally elected officials who are members of PGA East. The role of the Advisory Board is to work with the Executive Committee by providing advice and coordinating activities of PGA East.

Description of the PGA East Executive Committee positions:

The PGA East Chair presides over the Executive Committee and leads efforts and projects as defined by the Bylaws and Constitution as well as any current organizational activities. The Chair additionally holds the seat of Vice President, PGA East, an officer of the PGA National Board of Directors and attends quarterly board meetings in Los Angeles.

The Chair represents the organization in all functions, invited appearances, meetings, recruitment events, correspondence, and cooperative activities unless s/he designates a substitute. The Chair, along with the Financial Officer, has signing power on bank accounts, and can authorize all spending within the parameters set forth by the budget, Bylaws and Constitution. The Chair may initiate or terminate organization efforts, projects, or committees with the support and consent of the Executive Committee when appropriate. The Chair is also Vice President, PGA East, an officer of the PGA National Board of Directors and attends board meetings in Los Angeles.

Vice Chair (2)
The PGA East Vice Chairs assist the Chair in official business and may represent the organization in place of the Chair if needed.

Financial Officer
The PGA East Financial Officer is responsible for oversight of the PGA East operating budget. The Financial Officer, along with the Chair, has signing power on bank accounts, and in consultation with the Chair, can authorize all spending within the parameters set forth by the budget, Bylaws and Constitution. The Financial Officer monitors the regional office’s expenses and works closely with Director, PGA East, to prepare the annual PGA East budget. The Financial Officer supports the budget request at the annual meeting of the Finance Committee in L.A.

Member-at-Large (8)
The Executive Committee recently raised the number of Member-at-Large positions to eight from the previous seven. One of the eight seats will be reserved for a National Capital Chapter representative. PGA East Members-at-Large represent their member constituency and should make themselves available for member feedback and suggestions. Members-at-Large participate in Executive Committee voting and in setting goals and priorities for the organization. Members-at-Large may acquire special projects or responsibilities as defined by the Chair or the Executive Committee.

Chair Emeritus
The office of Chair Emeritus is ex officio and not elected and assists in setting goals and priorities for the organization. The Chair Emeritus does not vote on the Executive Committee. The office of Chair Emeritus is assumed by individuals immediately following their term as PGA East Chair.

If you are interested in running for any seat…

If you are interested in running for any seat, email Mitzie Rothzeid, Director, PGA East at by the extended deadline of Friday, February 28 at 12 noon, with your name, resume/bio and a letter indicating why you would be a worthy candidate.

Mitzie will give your information to the PGA East Nominating Committee. The Committee will make best efforts to interview all members who express interest in running. The Committee will then, according to the By-Laws, select one or more nominees per office. Please note that the Nominating Committee is not obligated to select everyone who expresses interest. If the Committee does not select you, you are still welcome to nominate yourself through the petition process, which will be covered in a later email.

The PGA East 2014 Nominating Committee

Chair: Jessie Findlay

Members: Irene Burns, Lisa Diamond, John Hadity, Benjamin Lehmann, Chance Pinnell, Peter Saraf, Craig Singer and Mike Stafford