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Hiring From Within
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Kathleen Courtney (Left) with fellow PGA member
 Amanda Scarano Carter

Getting jobs in today’s market
is challenging. Many talented
people are out of work making
a job hunt in the entertainment
industry more challenging than
ever. Therefore, we ALL need
that "edge,” that extra something
to make us stand out from the line
of people qualified for that job. I’ve
found through personal experience
that the PGA offers just that! Now
is the time, more than ever before,
to look to your fellow Guild members
when hiring. I have done just that,
with a 100% success rate, and
I’d like to let you in on my secret.

I have learned through personal experience that the absolute surefire way to make an impression
on PGA employers is to actively volunteer for Guild committees. Almost every job I’ve had over
the last several years has been due to my work for either FilmUSA or PGA Green. And in turn,
I have looked to key volunteers when I’ve had the opportunity to hire. I’ve found after a few
committee meetings and an event or two,  you can really get a sense ofthe work ethic in the
people "working” side by side with you.

Case in point … in the early days of FilmUSA, AP Council member Judy Race stood out as one
of the most organized self-starters in a group of excellent FilmUSA volunteers. She always came
to meetings prepared, complete with the state information summaries I had requested, as well
as her own ideas on how to help FilmUSA flourish. CUT TO: Meet Dave. We needed a production
supervisor for one of our stand-alone units. Though Judy had worked primarily as production
coordinator at that time, I knew that she could do this job and that she would have my back. And
Judy didn’t let me down. She brought her unit in on budget and made the journey on a difficult
shoot enjoyable and stress-free.

This summer, I served as line producer on a Disney film and it was a no-brainer. I hired PGA
Green Co-chair Amanda Scarano Carter as production supervisor. Having worked with her on
PGA Green, I know that she was our Committee’s secret weapon. And did she deliver! She
was my partner in helping to deliver a project on time and on budget. Plus, she hired from
within as well! Ryan Willis, a volunteer at the Produced By Conference and a former PGA intern,
became our key set PA and my right hand — helping me keep track of the smallest details.

One important note… If you get a job call and are working — please use that opportunity to refer
PGA members you know who are not working. Those are golden opportunities not to be missed!

By Kathleen Courtney

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