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The crowd at the 2010 Produced By Conference
For many of our members, the Produced By Conference is the Guild’s biggest event of the year. But over the last two difficult years, many members have found it hard to find room in their budgets for the registration fee.

WE HAVE GREAT NEWS. For PGA members – 600 of them, anyway – the registration fee just got a whole lot cheaper. Thanks to the Guild’s efforts and work with our Conference partners AFCI Locations, 600 members will receive a free day (Saturday or Sunday) at the 2011 Produced By Conference, held at Walt Disney Studios.

These slots will be given out to members on a first-come, first-served basis. You’ll be able to register for your day next week, when registration opens. In order to take advantage of this offer, you will need to provide the Guild with two things:

1) Your online resume. We’ve been beating the drum about your online resumes for months. Many of you have posted your resumes; many more of you have yet to do so. Having your resume online is important, and increasingly, Guild benefits will be linked to having your online resume posted.

If you’ve already got your resume online, great. If you have yet to take this step, don’t worry— it should only take you about ten minutes. Click here to get started.

2) A $150 deposit. We will NOT cash this deposit; it will be returned to you at the Conference when you pick up your registration badge. Only if you fail to attend will we cash the deposit. We require this security only because these slots are so valuable, and it’s simply not fair if members reserve one of these sought-after slots and then don’t show up.

You can provide us this deposit in one of two ways: Sending a check for $150 made out to Producers Guild of America to the PGA office (8530 Wilshire Blvd., Ste. 450, Beverly Hills, CA 90211, attn: Kyle Katz) or filling out the credit card form found here on the PGA website. Email or Fax the completed form to Kyle at or 310 358-9520.

Once we have your resume in our database and your deposit at our office, you’ll be sent a "promo” code that will allow you to register for one day of the Conference for free. You can register, as always, at Please note that if you wish to attend the Conference for the full weekend, you must pay the full $295 member price (which is already steeply discounted from the $600-$1,000 that non-members will be paying !).

Remember, Conference registration opens next week. If you want to be first in line to get your free day at Produced By, you have a few days to make sure that your online resume and your deposit are in order. Because we anticipate such high demand for these free Conference days, we have had to enact a strict cancellation policy: If you register for the Conference, and then cancel by May 13, 2011, we will return your deposit. (You will be charged a $10 processing fee that will show up on your PGA 2012 Dues Statement.) If you do not cancel by May 13th, your deposit will be processed—the only way to get it back is to attend the event.

Simply put: If you’re not 100% certain you will attend, you may want to hold off on registration until you are certain. But by the same token, these promo codes are given out first-come, first-served; the same is true for the audience slots for the Conference’s most popular sessions. Wait too long, and you may miss your chance. This system is designed to provide the most benefit to those members who know that they really want to attend, and are willing to make their attendance a priority. (Though note that if you register for the full Conference for $295, the cancellation policy is more lenient.) 

We’re thrilled that we’ll get to see more PGA members than ever before learning and networking at the Conference this year. June will be here before you know it, and we’re ready for the best Conference yet! We can’t wait to see you at Produced By.