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Producers Guild of America East Screening Guidelines
Dear Members,

As we continue with another busy and exhilarating awards screening season, we ask everyone to read and follow these simple screening tips and guidelines to help ensure a screening experience as pleasurable as possible.


1. Please read screening invitations and confirmations carefully. They contain important information regarding number of allowed guests, Q&A information, and how to properly RSVP and cancel your reservation.

2. Send reservation requests and cancellations in accordance with the instructions on the screening invitation. RSVPing by other means may cause your request not to be processed and can prevent you from entering the screening. If you submit a cancellation to the incorrect email address or less than 24 hours prior to the start time, it will likely not be received and you and your guest will be marked as a no-show. Calling the PGA East office is not an alternative to these procedures.

3. Members should always receive a confirmation or wait list notification for every PGA screening requested to attend. If not, members should not assume they are on the confirmation list. Revert back to the invite to make sure the RSVP was sent correctly.

4. Confirmation notifications for a screening are not guaranteed seats, and we recommend that members arrive early to secure seats. A confirmation is an acknowledgement that we are expecting members to attend and they are permitted to enter the theater while seats remain available. Due to no-shows, we overbook all screenings in order to maximize the number of members able to see the film.

5. Members are not permitted to forward invites or transfer screening privileges to non-members. If a member cancels a reservation, they cannot transfer their seat to another member of their choice. Cancelled seats will be filled following the order of the wait list.

6. Q&As with producers, director, talent, etc., are a privilege. Members should not RSVP for these screenings unless they and their guest(s) intend to stay for the entire Q&A. Walking out of a screening before or during the Q&A reflects negatively on the PGA. Absolutely no soliciting of Q&A participants is allowed. Members are responsible their guests follow this rule as well.

7. Cancellations for members and/or guests must be received at least 24 hours prior to the screening in order to allow enough time for fellow members on the wait list to attend. Cancellations received less than 24 hours prior to a screening may not be receive it in time and can result in that member being marked as a no-show. If a member cancels, their guest cannot attend the screening.


1. Every member should be ready to show their PGA card and/or valid photo ID upon request at check-in. PGA cards are never transferable to another member or guest. While members and their guests can arrive at a screening separately, guests cannot check in or enter the theater until their host member arrives.

2. Members are responsible for the proper check in of themselves and their guests before the start of the film to ensure they are not counted as a no-show.

3. A confirmed reservation does not guarantee a seat. Due to no-shows, we overbook every screening to try to ensure a full house. Members should always assume the theater might be full prior to the scheduled start time. Once capacity is reached and/or the introduction has begun, no one will be admitted.

4. Screenings begin on time, therefore members should aim to arrive at least 20 minutes prior to the scheduled start time, or earlier depending on the film. Arriving early will help ensure getting a prime seat and that members and their guest can sit together. Latecomers will not be allowed to enter a screening once it has begun.

5. Unless concessions are sold at the theater, venues do not allow food or beverages other than water. Note - venues such as the Sony Screening Room do not allow any beverages, including water.

6. Please be aware that some screenings do not allow recording devices of any kind, which can include cell phones. When known in advance, this will be noted on the invitation, but sometimes it may be required for security to "bag & tag” all attendee cell phones.


1. Members will be marked as a no-show if they do not check into a screening to which they have sent an RSVP, or if they do not correctly cancel in time. Members will also be marked if their guest is a no-show, so they should make an effort to find a replacement guest if they did not properly cancel their guest.

2. No-shows often result in empty-looking screenings, which negatively affects the PGA’s professional standing with studios and distributors and their willingness to screen their films for the PGA. We understand that last minute situations come up when working in production, but members who continually accumulate no-shows (including guest no-shows) face the possibility of having their screening privileges suspended.


1. Please consider asking questions at the Q&A.

2. After each screening, we email a report to our studio reps. It is enormously helpful when members send their positive feedback of the film/Q&A/moderator to for inclusion in that report. The studios forward these comments to their marketing team, and it reinforces that PGA members are smart, opinionated and valued screening partners.