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From the Executive Director
In working for and alongside producers over the past decade, one characteristic quality that I’ve come to admire is their patience.  I’m amazed at their capacity to see the big picture, to wait for their chance, and to never cast their dreams aside, no matter how many years it might take.

That collective patience has been put to the test over the last two years, as PGA members have waited for a website that delivered the service and benefits they’ve come to expect from their Guild.  That wait is finally over, and we hope that you’ll be happy with the results.  The last time we unveiled a website with much pomp and circumstance, the results were proven to be less than stellar.  So this time, I’m mostly inclined to get out of the way and let the site do the talking.

If there’s an aspect to this site that I’m most excited by, it’s the way it embraces the kind of infrastructure that will help us to build a true and thriving online community of producers.  There are an amazing number of ways that you can personalize your online PGA experience, and just as many ways that you can share that experience with your fellow members.  Obviously, a robust set of employment tools is key to this effort; our organization is in great part about finding jobs for our members, and with the new job board, employment alerts and online resumé functionality, you’ll be able to search and apply for jobs more efficiently than ever.

But it’s not just about jobs—it’s about YOU, the members.  We hope you’ll take advantage of the site’s blogging tools to inform your fellow members about important developments in our profession.  Use the "Networks” function to link to your Facebook, Twitter, MySpace or other social networking accounts.  Join (or start) groups, and search for other members who share your professional interests.  This site is a fantastic resource that can serve as your professional "home” online.

This site will continue to change and develop in the coming weeks, months and years.  The direction that development takes is up to you, so don’t be shy about sharing thoughts and ideas.  (I’m not especially worried about this; as a group, producers aren’t exactly known for their shyness.)   The next development on the horizon is even more exciting: the creation of the "Producers Wiki,” an online resource which, when it reaches critical mass, will represent the largest and best store of information on the art and craft of producing anywhere in the world.  We’re going to need smart and enterprising members to contribute—and those contributions will define the producing profession for the rest of the world.  Stay on the lookout for announcements about the Producers Wiki, and start thinking about ways you might be able to be a part of it.

Finally, I have to offer sincere thanks to three people whose vision and skill are truly what brought this site to life: Producers Council member John Ziffren, New Media Council member Chris Thomes, and our lead website developer, Brian Liscek.  The time and energy that these individuals have contributed to the project is staggering, and on behalf of the organization, I’m sincerely grateful for their work and dedication.


Vance Van Petten