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The Mentoring Committee goes global!
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By Meta Valentic

The Mentoring Committee goes global! On August 9, a group of Thai students from Mahidol University International College toured Sony Pictures Animation through the goodwill of several PGA members. The story started back in 2006, when Stu Levy and Bill Stuart of the International Committee connected Committee member Meta Valentic with fellow PGA member Les Nordhauser in Mumbai, India. Les helped Meta navigate the Bollywood film community during an independent film shoot and they stayed in touch ever since. Now living in Thailand, Les provides film services in Bangkok and teaches part time at Mahidol University.

As he helped put together the students' visit to Los Angeles, Les contacted Meta and Jill Demby Guest (the Co-Chairs of the Mentorship Committee) to repay the favor. Meta and Jill reached out to frequent PGA Mentoring Program Mentor Michelle Murdocca, who helped arrange an afternoon for the students learning more about animation. The students watched an in-depth presentation about the hit film
Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs from PGA member and producer Pam Marsden. Pam walked the students though concept, preproduction, production, editing, and marketing, while answering their questions about the inner workings of a blockbuster animated film.

The students were then treated to a computer demonstration on how to build backgrounds and characters from
Meatballs as well as The Chronicles of Narnia films. They left with a taste of the latest technology in the world of animation and CGI.

None of this would have happened without the strength of connections that makes up the PGA. From India to Thailand to Culver City, the generosity of our members is consistently amazing. And remember, if you are ever in Bangkok and need some help, we've got a guy for you!