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PGA East Shoot-Out
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Tuesday, May 17
6:30pm - Reception
7:00pm - Seminar
Q&A to follow presentations
Very Limited Seats
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By Jill Kaiser

Richard Zanuck said it best: The producer is like the conductor of an orchestra. Maybe he can’t play every instrument, but he knows what every instrument should sound like.

Technology is changing all the time. When I work with DPs and creative directors on projects, they clearly have a vision. They know what they want the shots to look like and how to achieve them. They talk about cameras, lenses, chip size and camera moves. It’s in that discussion that I find myself jotting down on a piece of paper a camera to research, a data rate to be aware of, a note about editing compatibility. There’s so much information out there – it’s hard to keep track of it all.  Our upcoming seminar was born out of the desire to know more about the technology choices that are available  and what to consider during the decision-making process.

I am a producer -- I don’t need to know how to white balance the camera or how many inputs it has. Frankly, I don’t want to know that. What I want to know is, entirely apart from its beautiful imagery, what are the pros and cons that come with using a particular camera?  I need to be aware of what they are in the field to ensure that my project runs smoothly and that I’m prepared to support this technology throughout the entire production process. I need to know how it impacts my budget, its compatibility with what we are shooting, how I should staff data transfer and how to make certain it goes through the post-production process without any issues.

This seminar is meant to facilitate the discussion between the producer and the DP – so when the DP makes the decision to shoot on a specific camera, we know what resources we need to line up and what  to consider as we move into post.

The seminar will present seven different cameras and compare them across three key characteristics: light sensitivity, green screen/key and depth of field. Experienced DPs will be presenting each camera from the shoot-out, and the event will include a side-by-side comparison with stills and footage to see how each camera fared in each category. It’s sure to be an invaluable experience.

As a producer, we all want to do our job better, and better our skills in our craft. This seminar is one that we hope will sharpen the tools in our production tool box.