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Who Can Join?

To join the PGA, an applicant must have received on-screen/on-air credits and performed the job functions for at least one of the capacities listed under the section "The Producing Team” (see below) within the past seven (7) years, as indicated below:

At least two (2) feature films that have had broad domestic or verifiable international theatrical release, subject to PGA Council requirements.

At least two (2) long-form television programs (MOW’s, movies, etc.) or thirteen (13) weeks of episodic or (26) weeks of non-episodic programs that have been marketed broadly in the domestic territory.

At least (2) productions that have had broad domestic or verifiable international consumer release on any of the following platforms: DVD, CD-ROM, Game Console, Wireless, Interactive/Enhanced Television, Internet/Broadband. (Additional requirements relative to distribution and reach are listed at

Recommended for membership by the Membership Committee due to sufficient equivalent production experience that justifies membership as part of the producing team.

The Producing Team consists of all those whose interdependency and support of each other are necessary for the creation of motion pictures and television programs. The producing team is comprised of Producers, all those on the career path to becoming Producers, and other team members including:
  • Producers
  • Executive Producers
  • New Media Executive Producers
  • New Media Producers
  • Production Supervisors
  • Production Managers
  • Production Coordinators
  • Post-Production Supervisors
  • Post-Production Managers
  • Post-Production Coordinators
  • Co-Executive Producers (Television only)
  • Supervising Producers
  • Co-Producers
  • Visual Effects Producers
  • Associate Producers
  • Segment Producers
  • Field Producers
  • Story Producers
As a unit, the producing team is responsible for the art, craft and science of production in the entertainment industry.