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It is the unshakable conviction of the PGA membership that the producer is, and will always be, at the visionary center of this creative industry—that producers are nothing more, and nothing less, than the curators of the world's imagination. In our increasingly global industry, the PGA must play the critical role of a window to and from our colleagues across national borders. The PGA International Committee is committed to opening that window wide and facilitating access to creative resources worldwide.

1. To increase the PGA and PGA Awards’ visibility and recognition globally.
2. To provide international networking and job opportunities for PGA members.
3. To facilitate idea exchange and co-production opportunities.
4. To assist PGA members with finance, tax, incentives, casting, location post-production and other production resources in overseas productions.
5. To encourage an overseas membership constituency to the PGA.

The Film & Television
Producers Guild of
India Ltd.
Association of Independent
Producers (Singapore)
Screen Production and
Development Association
of New Zealand

The Royal Film
Commission Jordan

Danish Producers Association

Audiovisual Producers'

(Czech Republic)
Federation of Spanish
Audiovisual Producer

Association of Film Producers
Screen Producers

Abu Dhabi
Film Commission

Korean Film
Producers Association
Screen Producers
Association of Australia

 Producers Guild of Italy SICAV

Stu Levy
Bill Stuart