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While it maintains a small and hard-working staff, the Producers Guild is primarily a member-driven organization. The PGA’s many committees are responsible for most of the programs, benefits and events that the Guild offers. As such, we strongly encourage our members to join any of the committees that are open to participants--it’s a wonderful way to give back to your profession, and the best means the Guild offers for making new connections and expanding your network.

Click on each grouping below to explore all the different PGA Committees.  If you find one that you would like to become involved in, click on it's name and it will take you to the group's home page where you can request to join.

  • Communications »

  • Initiatives »

  • PGA Councils »

  • The complete PGA membership...
  • PGA East Committees »

  • PGA East Committees: Community Action, Documentary & Non-Fiction, Education, Employment, Events, Mentoring, PGA Green, Women's Impact Network
  • PGA National Committees »

  • National Committees are available to all Producers Guild members but retain centralized leadership that oversees all nation-wide activities. Other national committees may have leadership on both coasts and are thus listed respectively in PGA West Committees and PGA East Committees (i.e., "PGA Green - West" & "PGA Green - East").

    PGA National Committees: Animation, Debra Hill Fellowship, Independent Film Producers, International, Online Video Committee
  • PGA West Committees »

  • PGA West Committees: Diversity, Documentary & Non-Fiction, Employment, Events, Independent Film Producers, Mentoring, PGA Green, Rough Cuts, Seminars, Women's Impact Network
  • Regions »

  • The different membership regions of the PGA - West, East, Northwest.
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