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News: Producers Mark

TheWrap - How the Producers Guild Convinced Hollywood Studios to Let it Overhaul Movie Credits

Wednesday, September 11, 2013   (0 Comments)
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Steve Pond of TheWrap sat down for an in-depth conversation with Producers Guild co-Presidents Mark Gordon and Hawk Koch, as well as National Executive Director Vance Van Petten, about the long process of getting the Producers Mark (p.g.a.) recognized as the industry standard for crediting true producing work in motion pictures.  

All readers are encouraged to get an intimate and historical look at the road taken to accomplish the Producers Mark.


"I’ve had a lot of wins in this business and I’ve had a lot of losses, and nothing has given me more gratification in the 49 years I’ve been in this business than getting the studios and everybody else to sign on. Every time I go to the theater and see that little ‘p.g.a.,’ it really moves me.” - Hawk Koch

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