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News: General

An Important Reminder Regarding Safety On Set

Wednesday, June 17, 2015   (0 Comments)
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The Producers Guild and the National Transportation Safety Board want to issue an important reminder:

On March 24, 2015, following the tragic railroad accident that occurred in Jesup, Georgia in 2014 resulting in the death of one crew member and injury to six others, the National Transportation Safety Board ("NTSB”) issued a safety recommendation to the film industry asking that the Producers Guild of America ("PGA”) and other industry organizations remind producing team members that "(1) railroads are private property requiring the railroad’s authorization to enter and (2) that, if authorization is given, everyone on scene must follow the railroad’s safety procedures to reduce hazards.” See NTSB Safety Recommendation R-15-13 at

The PGA is concerned about the health and safety of those involved in connection with every production, not just productions involving the use of private property or, specifically, railroad property. The PGA hereby reminds all producing team members that the use of private property for production purposes of any kind requires the advanced authorization of the property owner. If such authorization is obtained, anyone accessing the property and its surrounding areas must follow the safety procedures provided by the property owner in order to reduce potential hazards to those on or near the property. This authorization is particularly important when the property being accessed involves dangerous activity, as is the case when filming at or near locations that include airplanes, trains, vehicles or moving objects of any kind, or property that is otherwise inherently dangerous. If producing team members intend to film on public property, the PGA asks that all involved be aware of potential risks that may prove hazardous to those on or near the production and asks that all appropriate precautions be taken.