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'London Fields' Producers Defend Directors Lawsuit

Thursday, September 17, 2015   (0 Comments)
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From Deadline:

The filmmaker-friendly TIFF has a long-standing principle that will it will not screen films where there is dispute from the director over the cut. Even though the pic had been accepted, once Cullen filed his complaint in LA Superior Court earlier this week over unpaid fees and the producers taking over the film, London Fields was on tricky TIFF grounds. With no immediate solution in sight before tomorrow’s public premiere, fest organizers leaned to the director’s favor. This policy proved fatal for American History X back in the late 1990sas director Tony Kaye rebuffed the cut of the Edward Norton-starring film and unsuccessfully attempted to have his name taken off it.

Here is the statement from the London Fields producers today:

"We are greatly disappointed that TIFF decided to pull the film from the festival. We have always loved launching our films here, but feel that in particular case there has been an ill-considered decision made against our rights.

"It’s the first time we have ever heard of a festival removing a movie from the festival due to its imagery being deemed too provocative.

"The timing and the content of the director’s lawsuit shows thatit is a publicity stunt. The filing of Mathew Cullen’s complaint violates the arbitration provisions of his own guild, the DGA. Sadly, Mathew can’t deal with the fact that he does not control the final cut of the movie. He was given two deadlines to deliver a "director’s cut” and missed both deadlines. His guild has rules for withdrawing his name from the picture and he missed those deadlines.

"The production company will vigorously oppose the lawsuit.

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