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Don Cheadle's "Miles Davis" Project Must Invent A White Co-Star To Be Made

Monday, February 22, 2016   (0 Comments)
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From CIA propaganda to diversity representation, Salon examines some of Hollywoodland's evolution over the past 70 years. 

From Salon:

Earlier [last] week, Oscar-nominated actor Don Cheadle described his decade-long struggle to make a biopic about jazz legend Miles Davis. He raised about $360,000 via crowdfunding, but only cleared the final financing hurdle when he wrote in a fictional Rolling Stone reporter and cast Ewan ("young Obi-Wan”) McGregor in the role. Interviewed at the Berlin Film Fest, where "Miles Ahead” was screening out of competition, Cheadle said that casting a white actor in a leading role was "one of the realities of the business that we are in,” adding that "there is a lot of apocryphal, not proven evidence that black films don’t sell overseas.”

Superficially, based on these two descriptions alone, it would be easy to say that the PC police in Hollywood have won, and the tables have turned on the racial dynamics in Hollywood. Last century, conspiracy theorists might mutter, the government was secretly making liberal Hollywood cast Black actors in (white) films. This century, Black films are being forced to include white characters, because all-Black castings in films = racist or something, like The Wiz or Beyoncé’s Super Bowl halftime performance of her single, "Formation.” Karma’s a bitch? Nope. In both cases, there is the interesting role played by the rest-of-the-planet—the planet peopled by individuals who don’t reflexively share an American worldview–but the meaningful shift of emphasis isn’t sociopolitical, but geo-economic...

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