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Classic American Sitcom Is Welcome In Splintered Society

Thursday, June 29, 2017   (0 Comments)
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From Vox:

But in recent years, more and more good multi-cams have crowded onto the air, often with a bent toward social issues and telling stories about how those issues divide us. The first was probably CBS’s Mom, starring Anna Faris and Allison Janney, which debuted in 2013. It was quickly followed by The Carmichael Show in 2015, and then the Netflix duo of The Ranch(2016) and One Day at a Time (2017). These four shows — all very good to genuinely terrific — are just the tip of an iceberg of new, socially conscious comedy that wrestles with big issues and tells stories about populations rarely seen on TV, from lower-class recovering addicts to Cuban-American families to rural ranchers….

Multi-cams don’t just offer a safe space to talk about political issues that have us at odds; through their stuffier and more artistically conservative format, they create a world where all sorts of ideas across the political spectrum can come into play and be considered by all sorts of people. They offer a place where viewers can try these ideas on for size — and sometimes adopt them.

Indeed, the two most exciting things happening in TV comedy right now, to my mind, are the more experimental and auteur-driven cable and streaming comedies that explore particular points of view (often through filmmaking with a dose of surrealism, à la Atlanta or Insecureor Master of None), and the recent swath of terrific multi-camera sitcoms, which are using the inherent limitations of the format as a kind of challenge. Can you do anything new with this format? Should you even try? These shows answer, week after week, in the affirmative.

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