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Theaters Plan For Re-Opening - But It Could Be Slow

Monday, April 20, 2020   (0 Comments)
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From Variety:

...There’s also little indication of how willing audiences will be to return to theaters. There might be pent-up demand from patrons who have been stuck at home for several months. But it’s equally possible that audiences will be hesitant to rush back to crowded places — recent studies have suggested as much. That was the case in China, where a handful of theaters briefly reopened in March when the virus appeared to be under control, only to be quickly shut back down over fears that the disease could spark again.

Should cinemas successfully re-set up shop — at least in parts of the country — by July, there’s a sense that studios could mitigate risk by opening movies that are less reliant on international box office returns. Comedies, for example, are a genre that’s generally less expensive to produce and tend to generate most of their earnings in North America. They could also offer exhibitors popular older films from their catalogs for a cheaper price so there’s something to show on the big screen.

“There’s going to be a blockbuster that will take advantage of pent-up demand,” Dergarabedian anticipates. “But first, people have to feel safe and comfortable.”

There’s an old adage in Hollywood: The show must go on. But in the coronavirus era, that may not be the case. At least not yet.

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