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Hire PGA: A concierge service for employers


The PGA is committed to getting its members back to work safely, which is why we are launching Hire PGA: A concierge service for employers seeking PGA members.


At no cost to you or your company, the PGA is here to work with you to discern the scope of your hiring needs. With a membership of 8000+ across Scripted, Non-Fiction, Documentary, Animation, and New Media sectors, the PGA has the ability to disseminate your job posting to the greater PGA community. We’re here to assist with getting the needs of your company in front of an abundance of qualified candidates.


The Producers Guild of America is a non-profit trade organization that represents, protects and promotes the interests of all members of the producing team in film, television and new media.  Our members make up the full Producing Team, including: Executive Producers; Producers; Co-Executive Producers; Supervising Producers; Senior Producers; Line Producers; Co-Producers; Associate Producers; Segment Producers; Field Producers; Story Producers; Production Managers; Visual Effects Producers & Coordinators; Post-Production Supervisors & Managers; and Production & Post-Production Coordinators.

PGA Members produce all forms of entertainment content.

If you can watch it, the PGA membership can produce it!




The PGA offers four separate options to employers, based on your hiring timeline and needs. They are as follows:

Option A: Post your Job Listing in Weekly Bulletin

Option B: Post your Job Listing in Weekly Bulletin + Speed Interview Session with Employer

Option C: Job Forum

Option D: Custom Hiring Event


Please note, only paying jobs will be posted.





Option A: Post your Job Listing in Weekly Bulletin


Email  with: 

  • Name of employer
  • A capsule job position description (no more than 150 words)
  • Location or if remote
  • Description of duties or scope of work
  • Start date, if you have one
  • Rate, if you have one
  • Email to submit resumes OR indicate if PGA will collect resumes for you
  • Website for your company, if applicable

PGA will provide:

  • Listing in Hire PGA Bulletin (Please note, listing will appear as provided)
  • If collecting resumes on your behalf, PGA will provide all resumes submitted (Please note, PGA does not curate the list of applicants) 





Option B: Post your Job Listing in Weekly Bulletin + Speed Interview Session with Employer

Includes everything listed in Option A along with a request of employers to provide a proposed date and time for a 60-minute block for scheduling their one-on-one speed interviews with PGA members.

PGA will provide the additional concierge service to employers: 

  • Collection of all resumes for each unique position
  • Submission of all resumes to the employer with a request to select 10 PGA members (and 3 alternates) for a 60-minute block for scheduling one-on-one speed interviews on Zoom. In every case, the selection is the employer's. (Please note, PGA does not curate the list of applicants)
  • Coordination of the individual interview time slots with each member that the employer would like to meet





Option C: Job Forum

PGA's Job Forum is designed to facilitate an employer's immediate hiring needs and expand their roster of suitable candidates for future hiring. Each Job Forum is organized with 5 to 10 employers sharing a common need for producers with experience in specific genres, formats and geographic locations.

For more information about the upcoming Job Forums and to complete the employer availability survey, please click here.





Option D: Custom Hiring Event

Does your company, network or studio have a myriad of jobs that you are hiring for in one or more departments? The PGA will help curate your own company-specific Job Forum, Speed Interview Session, or hiring event.

The PGA will work with you to discern the scope of your hiring needs and what best suits your Hire PGA Custom Hiring Event. This could occur on one day, over a series of days or weeks.





Questions or to send your Job Listing: