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IPSI - Services
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 PLANNING MEETING  Specific to Your Production

Within 48 hours of applying, an IPSI representative from the PGA will contact you. If the PGA determines that your production is eligible for on-set training, the IPSI rep will set up a phone call to go over the following details:

  • The best setting for your on-set training: this may be a Production Meeting, first day of production, or other time prior to the start of production (see Onset Training for more details).
  • The audience for your training session: This may be all Department Heads, all crew, etc., depending on how you want to proceed. The PGA highly recommends that, at a minimum, the Producer, Director, and other production leadership attend the training.
  • Your preferred date, time, and location for your set to receive training.
  • How to access the IPSI Content Library on the PGA website.
  • How to select a Code of Conduct that best suits your set.
  • How to select two Responders for communication and reporting on set.
  • Signing the PGA's release of liability.
  • The name and contact information of your Attorney/Trainer.

Following this initial Planning Meeting, your assigned Attorney/Trainer will contact you. In your initial meeting/call with your Attorney/Trainer, you will go over the following details:

  • Confirm the date, time, and location for your on-set training.
  • Discuss any specific training requests for your set (e.g., scenarios that include filming intimate scenes, bullying, bystander intervention, etc.).
  • Signing an engagement letter, if your on-set training will be delivered by an attorney.
  • Logistical requests that the Attorney/Trainer has to deliver training (e.g., setting, projector, microphone, etc.).


 ON-SET TRAINING  Production Team, Cast and Crew

You will receive one hour of anti-harassment training that is specific to your set by an expert attorney or trainer., The training will be interactive and unique to help foster a culture of respect on your set.

In your initial Planning Meeting, you will determine the best audience, time, and setting for your training session. Please allow one hour for the training session. The PGA highly recommends that the Producer, Director, and other production leadership attend the training.

The session may include any or all of the following topics:

  • Creating a culture of respect
  • Your set's Code of Conduct
  • Defining sexual harassment
  • Defining protected classes and discrimination
  • Retaliation
  • How to respond to harassment as a leader on set
  • Bystander intervention
  • How to report harassment
  • Contacting your on-set Responders
  • How to track complaints using the Incident Log

If your set has specific training needs beyond these topics, you may request that your Attorney/Trainer including those topics in the training. The one hour training will include time for questions and interactive discussion.


 REFERENCE MATERIALS  Safety Checklists, Posters, Guidelines

You will receive lifetime access to the PGA's IPSI Content Library.

  • Guidelines for Producers who use the IPSI program
  • Code of Conduct options to best suit your production
  • Guidelines for your on-set Responders to appropriately address incidents on set
  • An Incident Log template to track and report incidents on set
  • Creative, educational posters to post on set (e.g., in Craft Services or Make-up and Costume trailers)
  • Informational brochures about harassment to distribute to all cast and crew


 LEGAL ADVICE  2 Hours with an Attorney Post Training

The PGA will assign an expert Attorney to your production when you are accepted to IPSI. Upon completion of your on-set training session, you will receive up to two hours of free legal advice from your attorney! You may use this time to discuss any issues or concerns related to harassment, or otherwise, that arise during the course of production.

If your legal needs exceed two hours, your attorney will advise you of her/his rates for continued engagement.