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It’s finally here.

The new Producers Guild Job Board has been redesigned from the ground up, based on extensive feedback from both members and employers. The Board’s interface has been entirely redesigned, and the new look is clean, intuitive, and user-friendly.

Members login with the same ID and password they use for the main PGA website. Employers will now be able to create their own unique accounts to allow them to post jobs and search the PGA roster for staff.

With the new PGA Job Board, members can:

  • List each of their credits separately, including primary and secondary titles, dates, company name and show/production title—all of which are sortable and searchable by employers.
  • Include any personal information they want, though members always have the option of keeping your address and phone number private.
  • Upload several different resumes or documents to their profiles, selecting which ones to include for each specific job they apply for.
  • Fill out their profiles with "Employer Search Preferences,” including up to 10 different formats or media of expertise, and up to 20 different domestic and international locations.
  • Set their profiles to include when they next plan to be available for work, so a member can more efficiently look for her or his next job (or have their next job find them!) while still working their current gig.

Meanwhile, employers have lots of new features, too, such as…

  • Vastly expanded search and sort capabilities. Now you can search the membership and sort results based on format/genre, locations worked, previous credits, and availability for work.
  • A convenient "home” screen. If you have posted multiple jobs, you can now manage all positions from the same screen, easily sorting candidates into "save” or "decline” lists.
  • Confirmations. Every time you post a job, or a PGA member applies for an open posting of yours, you’ll get a confirmation e-mail alerting you. Of course, you can opt out of this feature if you like.
  • Internal messaging. You can now respond to potential applicants (and they can respond back) via the Job Board system itself, so you can make your initial contact while keeping potentially sensitive information, such as your e-mail address, confidential.

This new job board represents a quantum improvement over its previous edition. To get the most out of it, we have the following recommendations for our members:

Check your profile. We imported every single resume from the old job system into the new profiles. However, when performing a mass importation like that, some format shifting is likely. All of the data included in your old profile appears under "additional information” in your resume & credits page. You would be wise to check that field and make certain that your information appears the way you want it to.

Re-enter your credits. For your credits to be searchable, you will have to re-enter them in the new system. Don’t worry, our fields and drop-down menus make this a painless process.

Update your availability regularly. When employers perform searches, the default format lists first the members who have most recently logged into the system. So if you’re looking for a job, there’s a real incentive to check the Board regularly. And above all, be sure to keep your availability information current. The number-one complaint of employers was reaching out to a member about a job, only to learn that the member wasn’t available—despite their online profile saying that they were.

So what are you waiting for? Whether you’re looking for your next job, or seeking to staff your producing team with the top production professionals in the business, there’s only one destination:

Use it often. Use it well.