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What Is Required For An O-1/O-2 Advisory Opinion ?
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**PLEASE NOTE: At this time we will be accepting advisory opinion requests electronically by email. Please contact Arielle Conwell for more information: cooassistant [at] or 310-358-9020 x. 103
●  O-1/O-2 Materials are generally submitted via FedEx or UPS.


●  O-1/O-2 Materials should be sent to Arielle Conwell at: 11150 W. Olympic Blvd., Ste. 980, Los Angeles, CA 90064


●  Generally, the fee, to process an advisory opinion is $500. However, there is no charge for PGA

members, and, the fee is reduced to $300 for members of the AMPTP.  The fee should be paid by a check

made out to the Producers Guild of America.

●  Fee must be provided by the law firm.  We cannot accept personal checks from the beneficiary.

●  There is no additional fee to process an O-1 + O-2 if it's for the same project.

●  In order to process a favorable opinion we require the I-129 petition, supporting

documentation ( such as credits, awards and firsthand account letters), the deal memo, IMDb page, and the work itinerary.

●  The Guild is only able to process a favorable letter for producers working in film, television and

new media.

●  If you have any further questions please email cooassistant [at]