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PGA Logo Policy
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Producers Guild Logo Policy

We ask our members to please take note of the Producers Guild’s official policy regarding its logo.  Please correct any improper personal usage of the PGA logo; if you see the logo being used improperly elsewhere, please refer the relevant individual to this page and (if necessary) PGA staff.  We recognize that the vast majority of improper usage arises from an innocent desire to promote the user’s membership in the Guild.  Obviously, we wish our members to be proud of their PGA membership and to advertise themselves as members.  But the unregulated use of the PGA logo—especially in the digital age—carries risks.  As such, in our efforts to maintain and preserve the integrity of the PGA brand, the Guild expects its members to adhere to the following policy:

·       When authorized for use, the PGA logo may not be altered or manipulated. Only official versions of the logo are to be used, this includes the adjoining text "PRODUCERS GUILD OF AMERICA".

·       Although we strongly encourage and approve members’ indicating their PGA membership within the body of their résumés, the PGA logo may not be used or inscribed on member résumés.

·       The PGA logo may not be included on members’ business cards, except insofar as such cards are provided to the member by the PGA office for Guild-specific business purposes.

·       Members may not append the PGA logo to personal correspondence, particularly e-mail correspondence.  The Guild recognizes one exception to this policy: Officers serving on the National Board of Directors (PGA President, Council and Regional Vice Presidents, Treasurer and Secretary of Record) are permitted to utilize the PGA logo on correspondence.

·       The use of the PGA logo on Guild-related promotional materials is permitted, but only when so authorized by a director-level member of the PGA staff.  Director of Member Benefits Kyle Katz should be the primary point of approval for such usage.