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PGA Poker Tournament 2012
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by Chris Debiec 

On October 7, 2012, the PGA held its 5thannual No-Limit Texas Hold 'em Poker Tournament at Hollywood Park Casino in Los Angeles. The turnout was exceptional. We had more then 100 members and guests attend the event and over 70 players participate in the tournament itself. The competition was hot and heavy, but in the end, only 10 players were "in the money." The top three money winners were Gordon Bressack ($950), Aye Jaye ($1,470), and in a stunning reversal of fortune, Dan Kuba came from behind to win first place for a total of $2,780!

We could never pull off an event like this without our paid sponsorships. For the second year in a row, SafeCig, a great alternative to quit smoking, was a platinum sponsor, along with Andromeda Studios, the best little soundstage in LA. The silver sponsors were VER (Video Equipment Rental) in Glendale and Chainsaw Post in Hollywood. And we'd like to acknowledge Media Distributors and Culver Studios as our bronze sponsors.

In addition to the paid sponsors, we would like to thank Hollywood Park Casino for hosting the tournament, GDC Technology for the awesomely huge gift bags, and the comedic genius of our MC, "New Jersey's Bad Boy", Mike Marino.

Our catering was provided by Doughboys. Thanks to them for the delicious sandwiches, salads, and of course, those incredibly delicious red velvet cakes that I could not put down to save my life.

Without the help and continued dedication of sponsors like these, guild events like this could not happen.

The PGA events committee has some of the most dedicated members in the organization. We would like to recognize those who helped us put this event together.

Thanks to Vicente Williams and Leonard Koss, who joined me in chairing the event. Much appreciation to our illustrious volunteers: Briana Aeby, Karyn Benkendorfer, Mandy Carranza, Deen Dioria, Rikki Hughes, Joseph Morabito, Todd Serlin, and Rose Testa. And a big thank you to Michael Q. Martin for coming out and photographing the event for us!

The PGA would like to congratulate the winners on their valiant efforts. We look forward to seeing all of you next year at the 6th Annual PGA Poker tournament!


Left to Right: Leonard Koss, Gordon Bressack, Aye Jaye, Dan Kuba, Chris Debiec, and Vicente Williams

The final 9 players bask in their glory with the event organizers

Shuffle up and Deal.... the tournament begins.

The stakes are high as the players size up their opponents.

The SafeCig girls are always a favorite of the players.

The final 9 players received a personalized PGA chip case and goodie bag filled with the best the PGA has to offer.

The luckiest man in the world (Chris Debiec) poses with the beautiful Dealer Dolls and SafeCig girls.

Our MC for the day "News Jersey's Bad Boy" Mike Marino and event chair Chris Debiec ham it up for the camera.

Our wonderful host, the Hollywood Park Casino.