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The Producers Mark
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Click here for a list of films & producers granted use of the Producers Mark 

Click here for Frequently Asked Questions about the Producers Mark


"Signifies having met the Guild's standard of having undertaken a major portion of the producing duties on a motion picture in a decision-making capacity." 

The Producers Mark is a designation that appears following the names of certain producers receiving the "Produced By” credit in motion pictures. The Mark consists of the acronym of this Guild, in lowercase letters separated by periods: p.g.a.

The Producers Mark is, specifically, a certification mark. As such, it doesn’t indicate any affiliation with or membership in the Producers Guild; it simply indicates that the producing credit it follows meets the standards of the PGA: That the credited producer performed a majority of the producing functions on the film in a decision-making capacity. Certification marks exist solely for the public good. The Producers Guild believes that audiences deserve to know which producers, among an often-extensive list of credited individuals, performed a majority of the work.

The process for implementing the Producers Mark follows the template laid down by the Guild’s successful awards arbitration process, though with a few significant differences, the primary distinction being an accelerated timeline. For the Producers Mark to be successful, the Guild must hold eligibility determinations during a film’s post-production process in order to determine the recipients of the Mark prior to the striking of the film’s credits.

Following the receipt of a Notice of Producing Credits from the relevant copyright owner or business entity authorized to designate the producing credits that appear onscreen, Guild staff will invite credited producers to submit an eligibility form to receive the Mark. The form is, in most relevant respects, similar to the eligibility forms submitted by producers for consideration for awards.

Please note that receiving the Producers Mark is entirely optional. If for whatever reason a producer wishes not to have the Mark appended to her or his credit, that producer need not submit an eligibility form.

Also note that at present, the PGA only will approve the Producers Mark for use in theatrical motion pictures; its applicability to television is still under consideration.

After the PGA gathers eligibility forms and third-party verification forms (all of which are maintained in the strictest confidence) it will issue an eligibility determination. The rules governing such determinations are included below; we encourage all producers to review them.

The Producers Mark simply exists as a means of certifying the PGA’s recognition of the hard work of the producer. Pointedly, the Mark does NOT:

  • Control the "Produced by” credit. Studios and distributors remain free to assign the credit to whomever they wish.
  • Denigrate a given credit by its absence. As noted above, requesting the Mark is purely voluntary. In the event that none of a film’s producers requests the Mark, one should not conclude that no one did the work of producing the motion picture.
  • Exclude non-PGA members. Such members are eligible to receive the Mark, as they are our awards.

If you would like to apply for Producers Mark Certification online, please click here, to complete the electronic Notice of Producing Credit Form. For further questions about the Producers Mark, please contact the Producers Guild at (310) 358-9020 ext. 112, or


The Producers Guild of America is the owner and sole licensor of the Producers Mark. Any unauthorized use of the Producers Mark in a motion picture’s credits – by a PGA member or non-member – will not be permitted and legal action may result from any unauthorized use. To utilize the Producers Mark in your film’s credits and advertisements, you must apply for usage by completing a Notice of Producing Credits form, which can be found by clicking here.