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2016 Releases with the Producers Mark
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Below is a running list of producers on Theatrical, Documentary, and Animated Motion Pictures that have been determined by the Producers Guild of America to have performed a major portion of the producing functions in a decision-making capacity and accordingly have been granted the right to use the Producers Mark ("p.g.a."). This list is updated periodically and may not be a complete or definitive list of the films that have been considered for Producers Mark certification. If you have any questions regarding this list, please contact Jazmine Nava at paralegal[at]


                Film Title                                                    Awards & Producers Mark Certified  

 #DigitalLivesMatter Rikki Hughes, p.g.a.
  Cassandra Sigers Beedles, p.g.a. 
  Terri J Vaughn, p.g.a. 
The  5th Wave Graham King, p.g.a.
  Tobey Maguire, p.g.a.
  Lynn Harris, p.g.a.
  Matthew Plouffe, p.g.a.
10 Cloverfield Lane J.J. Abrams, p.g.a.
  Lindsey Weber, p.g.a.
13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi Erwin Stoff , p.g.a.
  Michael Bay, p.g.a.
20th Century Women Megan Ellison, p.g.a. 
  Youree Henley, p.g.a. 
  Anne Carey, p.g.a. 
Abacus: Small Enough to Jail Mark Mitten, p.g.a. 
  Julie Goldman, p.g.a. 
Abattoir Jesse Berger, p.g.a.
  Brent C. Johnson, p.g.a.
The Accountant Lynette Howell, p.g.a.
  Mark Williams, p.g.a.
The Adderall Diaries Vince Jolivette, p.g.a. & James Franco, p.g.a.
  James Franco, p.g.a.
Alice Through the Looking Glass Suzanne Todd, p.g.a. & Jennifer Todd, p.g.a.
  Jennifer Todd, p.g.a.
All Out Dysfunktion  David Bianchi, p.g.a.
  Christina Jo'Leigh, p.g.a.
  Ryan LeMasters, p.g.a.
Allied Graham King, p.g.a. 
  Robert Zemeckis, p.g.a.
  Steve Starkey, p.g.a. 
Almost Christmas Will Packer, p.g.a. 
Always Worthy Saralyn Armer, p.g.a.
  Mitch Yapko, p.g.a.
  Amberlee Colson, p.g.a.
  Marianna Palka 
American Pastoral Tom Rosenberg, p.g.a. 
  Gary Lucchesi, p.g.a.
  Andre Lamal, p.g.a.
Anesthesia Julie Buck, p.g.a.
  Tim Blake Nelson, p.g.a.
  Josh Hetzler, p.g.a.
Angelica Joyce Pierpoline, p.g.a.
The Angry Birds Movie John Cohen, p.g.a.
  Catherine Winder, p.g.a.
Arrival Dan Levine, p.g.a.
  Shawn Levy, p.g.a.
  Aaron Ryder, p.g.a.
  David Linde, p.g.a.
The Art of Organized Noize Joshua Krause, p.g.a.
Assassin's Creed Jean-Julien Baronnet, p.g.a. 
  Frank Marshall, p.g.a. 
  Patrick Crowley, p.g.a. 
  Michael Fassbender, p.g.a. 
Aztec Warrior Javier Chapa, p.g.a.
  Benjamin Odell, p.g.a.
The Babysitter McG, p.g.a. & Mary Viola, p.g.a.
Bad Moms Suzanne Todd, p.g.a.
Bad Santa 2 Andrew Gunn, p.g.a.
  Geyer Kosinski, p.g.a. 
Barbershop - The Next Cut Robert Teitel, p.g.a. & George L. Tillman, Jr., p.g.a.
  Ice Cube, p.g.a.
Barney Thomson  John G. Lenic, p.g.a.
  Kaleena Kiff, p.g.a.
Barry Dana O'Keefe, p.g.a. 
  Teddy Schwarzman, p.g.a. 
  Ben Stillman, p.g.a. 
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Charles Roven, p.g.a.
  Deborah Snyder, p.g.a.
Before I Wake  Trevor Macy, p.g.a.
Ben Hur Sean Daniel, p.g.a.
  Joni Levin, p.g.a.
  Duncan Henderson, p.g.a.
The BFG Steven Spielberg, p.g.a.
   Frank Marshall, p.g.a.
   Sam Mercer, p.g.a.
Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk Marc Platt, p.g.a.
  Ang Lee, p.g.a.
  Rhodri Thomas, p.g.a.
  Stephen Cornwell, p.g.a.
The Birth of a Nation Nate Parker, p.g.a.
  Kevin Turen, p.g.a.
  Jason Michael Berman, p.g.a.
Blackway Rick Dugdale, p.g.a. 
Blair Witch Keith Calder, p.g.a. & Jessica Wu, p.g.a. 
Bleed For This Bruce Cohen, p.g.a.
  Chad A. Verdi, p.g.a.
The Boat Builder Richard J. Bosner, p.g.a.
The Boss Ben Falcone, p.g.a.
  Melissa McCarthy, p.g.a.
  Chris Henchy, p.g.a.
The Brothers Grimsby Sacha Baron Cohen, p.g.a.
  Nira Park, p.g.a.
Café Society  Letty Aronson, p.g.a.
  Stephen Tenenbaum, p.g.a.
  Edward Walson, p.g.a.
Captain America: Civil War Kevin Feige, p.g.a.
Captain Fantastic Lynette Howell, p.g.a. & Jamie Patricof, p.g.a.
Cardinal X Richard J. Bosner, p.g.a.
  Angie Wang, p.g.a.
Careful What You Wish For Robert L. Stein, p.g.a.
  Michael A. Helfant, p.g.a.
  Bradley Gallo, p.g.a.
Cassidy Way Ken Sax, p.g.a.
Catskill Park Edwin Mejia, p.g.a.
  Vlad Yudin, p.g.a.
Central Intelligence Scott Stuber, p.g.a.
  Peter Principato, p.g.a.
Charnel House Sandra Siegal, p.g.a.
  Mark B. Johnson, p.g.a.
Collateral Beauty  Michael Sugar, p.g.a.
   Bard Dorros, p.g.a.
   Anthony Bregman, p.g.a.
   Kevin Frakes, p.g.a.
   Allan Loeb, p.g.a.
The Comedian Art Linson, p.g.a. & John Linson, p.g.a.
   Mark Canton, p.g.a. & Courtney Solomon, p.g.a.
   Taylor Hackford, p.g.a.
The Conjuring 2 Peter Safran, p.g.a.
  Rob Cowan, p.g.a.
Countdown Michael J. Luisi, p.g.a. 
The Curse of Sleeping Beauty Ehud Bleiberg, p.g.a.
  Pearry Teo, p.g.a.
Curve Jason Blum, p.g.a.
Custody Lauren Versel, p.g.a.
  James Lapine, p.g.a.
  Katie Mustard, p.g.a.
The Darkness Bianca Martino, p.g.a.
Davi's Way Ilan Arboleda, p.g.a. & Tom Donahue, p.g.a 
  Robert Davi, p.g.a.
Day of Days Deanna Shapiro, p.g.a.
  Kim Bass, p.g.a.
Deadpool Simon Kinberg, p.g.a.
  Ryan Reynolds, p.g.a.
Deepwater Horizon Lorenzo di Bonaventura, p.g.a. & Mark Vahradian, p.g.a. 
  Mark Canton, p.g.a. & Courtney Solomon, p.g.a. 
  David Womark, p.g.a. 
Denial Gary S. Foster, p.g.a. & Russ Krasnoff, p.g.a. 
Dirty Grandpa Barry Josephson, p.g.a.
  Michael Simkin, p.g.a.
  Bill Block, p.g.a.
Disconnected Julian Cautherley, p.g.a.
The Divergent Series: Allegiant Doug Wick, p.g.a.
  Lucy Fisher, p.g.a.
Doctor Strange Kevin Feige, p.g.a.
Domain M. Elizabeth Hughes, p.g.a.
Dr. Feelgood Eve Marson, p.g.a.
  Sara Goldblatt, p.g.a.
The Drowning Jamin O'Brien, p.g.a.
Elbow Grease Paul Papadeas, p.g.a.
  Jason Shirley, p.g.a.
  Matthew Rhoads Zboyovski, p.g.a.
Eliminators Michael J. Luisi, p.g.a. 
  James Harris, p.g.a. & Mark Lane, p.g.a. 
Elly and Henry Robin McCain, p.g.a.
  Leslie Streit, p.g.a.
Equity Sarah Megan Thomas, p.g.a.
  Alysia Reiner, p.g.a.
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them  David Heyman, p.g.a.
   J.K. Rowling, p.g.a.
   Steve Kloves, p.g.a.
   Lionel Wigram, p.g.a.
Fathers & Daughters Nicolas Chartier, p.g.a.
  Craig J. Flores, p.g.a.
  Sherryl Clark, p.g.a.
Fences Scott Rudin, p.g.a.
   Denzel Washington, p.g.a.
   Todd Black, p.g.a.
Finding Dory Lindsey Collins, p.g.a.
The Finest Hours Jim Whitaker, p.g.a.
  Dorothy Aufiero, p.g.a.
Forsaken Bill Marks, p.g.a. & Gary Howsam, p.g.a.
  Kevin DeWalt, p.g.a.
  Josh Miller, p.g.a.
The Founder Don Handfield, p.g.a.
  Aaron Ryder, p.g.a.
The Fundamentals of Caring Donna Gigliotti, p.g.a.
  James Spies, p.g.a.
  Rob Burnett, p.g.a.
Fursonas Olivia Vaughn, p.g.a.
Gernika Daniel Dreifuss, p.g.a.
  Jose Alba, p.g.a.
Ghostbusters Ivan Reitman, p.g.a.
  Amy Pascal, p.g.a.
The Girl on the Train Marc Platt, p.g.a.
  Jared Leboff, p.g.a.
Gleason Seth Gordon, p.g.a.
  Kimi Culp, p.g.a.
  Scott Fujita, p.g.a.
  Mary Rohlich, p.g.a.
Gods of Egypt Basil Iwanyk, p.g.a.
  Alex Proyas, p.g.a.
Going In Style Donald DeLine, p.g.a.
Gold Teddy Schwarzman, p.g.a.
  Michael Nozik, p.g.a.
Good Fortune Rebecca Harrell Tickell, p.g.a. 
  Josh Tickell, p.g.a.
Gridlocked Bruno Marino, p.g.a.
Hacksaw Ridge Bill Mechanic, p.g.a.
  David Permut, p.g.a.
Halfway Jonny Paterson, p.g.a.
Hidden Figures Donna Gigliotti, p.g.a.
  Peter Chernin, p.g.a. & Jenno Topping, p.g.a. 
  Pharrell Williams, p.g.a. 
  Ted Melfi, p.g.a.
Hillsong: Let Hope Rise Matthew Weaver, p.g.a.
  Jonathan Bock, p.g.a.
  Ben Field, p.g.a.
The Hollars John Krasinski, p.g.a.
  Tom Rice, p.g.a.
  Allyson Seeger, p.g.a.
The Hollow Point William Green, p.g.a.
  Aaron L. Ginsburg, p.g.a.
  Andy Horwitz, p.g.a.
How To Be Single John Rickard, p.g.a.
  Dana Fox, p.g.a.
The Hurt Business Edwin Mejia, p.g.a.
  Vlad Yudin, p.g.a.
Hush Trevor Macy, p.g.a.
The Hunter's Prayer Navid McIlhargey, p.g.a.
  Christopher Milburn, p.g.a.
  John Schwarz, p.g.a.
  Michael Schwarz, p.g.a.
The Huntsman Winter's War Joe Roth, p.g.a.
I Am Watching You Bryan Sexton, p.g.a.
I Saw the Light Marc Abraham, p.g.a.
  G. Marq Roswell, p.g.a.
  Brett Ratner, p.g.a.
  Aaron L. Gilbert, p.g.a.
Ice Age: Collision Course Lori Forte, p.g.a.
In God We Trust Jo Haskin, p.g.a. & Kevin Haskin, p.g.a.
  Martin Noufer, p.g.a.
In Search of Israeli Cuisine Roger Sherman, p.g.a.
In A Valley of Violence Jason Blum, p.g.a.
  Jacob Jaffke, p.g.a.
  Peter Phok, p.g.a.
Incarnate Jason Blum, p.g.a.
  Michael Seitzman, p.g.a.
Independence Day Resurgence Dean Devlin, p.g.a.
  Roland Emmerich, p.g.a.
  Harald Kloser, p.g.a.
Indiscretion Laura Boersma, p.g.a.
  John Stewart Muller, p.g.a.
Inferno Brian Grazer, p.g.a. & Ron Howard, p.g.a.
The Infiltrator Miriam Segal, p.g.a.
  Brad Furman, p.g.a.
  Don Sikorski, p.g.a.
Interrogation Michael J. Luisi, p.g.a.
Jack Reacher: Never Go Back Tom Cruise, p.g.a.
  Don Granger, p.g.a.
Jason Bourne Frank Marshall, p.g.a.
   Gregory Goodman, p.g.a.
The Jungle Book Jon Favreau, p.g.a.
  Brigham Taylor, p.g.a.
Justin Timberlake + The Tennessee Kids Gary Goetzman, p.g.a.
Keeping Up with the Joneses Laurie MacDonald, p.g.a. & Walter F. Parkes, p.g.a.
Kepler's Dream Sedge Thomson, p.g.a.
Killing Hasselhoff  Ashok Amritraj, p.g.a.
  Michael J. Luisi, p.g.a.
  Michele Berk, p.g.a.
Knight of Cups Nicolas Gonda, p.g.a.
  Sarah Green, p.g.a.
  Ken Kao, p.g.a.
Kubo and the Two Strings Arianne Sutner, p.g.a.
  Travis Knight, p.g.a.
Kung Fu Panda 3 Melissa Cobb, p.g.a.
La La Land Fred Berger, p.g.a.
  Jordan Horowitz, p.g.a.
  Marc Platt, p.g.a.
The Last Heist Rick Benattar, p.g.a.
  Nigel Thomas, p.g.a.
The Legend of Tarzan Jerry Weintraub, p.g.a.
  David Barron, p.g.a.
Life, Animated Julie Goldman, p.g.a.
  Roger Ross Williams, p.g.a.
Lily of the Feast TJ Sansone, p.g.a.
  Craig Cohen, p.g.a.
The Light Between Oceans David Heyman, p.g.a.
  Jeff Clifford, p.g.a.
Lights Out James Wan, p.g.a.
  Lawrence Grey, p.g.a.
Loving Ged Doherty, p.g.a. & Colin Firth, p.g.a.
  Sarah Green, p.g.a.
  Nancy Buirski, p.g.a. 
  Marc Turtletaub, p.g.a. & Peter Saraf, p.g.a. 
The Magnificent Seven Todd Black, p.g.a.
  Roger Birnbaum, p.g.a.
Manchester By the Sea Matt Damon, p.g.a.
  Kimberly Steward, p.g.a.
  Chris Moore, p.g.a.
  Lauren Beck, p.g.a.
  Kevin Walsh, p.g.a.
Marjorie Prime Uri Singer, p.g.a.
Marauders Randall Emmett, p.g.a. & George Furla, p.g.a.
Me Before You Karen Rosenfelt, p.g.a.
  Alison Owen, p.g.a.
The Meddler Joy Gorman Wettels, p.g.a. 
  Paul Green, p.g.a.
Message From the King Stephen Cornwell, p.g.a.
  David Lancaster, p.g.a.
Middle School the Worst Years of My Life Leopoldo Gout, p.g.a. 
  Bill Robinson, p.g.a. 
Midnight Special Brian Kavanaugh-Jones, p.g.a.
  Sarah Green, p.g.a.
Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates Peter Chernin, p.g.a.
  Jenno Topping, p.g.a.
Miles Ahead Don Cheadle, p.g.a.
  Pamela Hirsch, p.g.a.
  Lenore Zerman, p.g.a.
Miracles From Heaven Joe Roth, p.g.a.
  DeVon Franklin, p.g.a.
Miss Peregrine's House for Peculiar Children  Peter Chernin, p.g.a. 
  Jenno Topping, p.g.a. 
Miss Sloane Ben Browning, p.g.a.
  Kris Thykier, p.g.a.
  Ariel Zeitoun, p.g.a.
Mississippi Murder Billy Badalato, p.g.a.
  Mark Headley, p.g.a.
Moana Osnat Shurer, p.g.a.
Money Atit Shah, p.g.a.
  Martín Rosete, p.g.a.
Money Monster Daniel Dubiecki, p.g.a.
  Lara Alameddine, p.g.a.
  George Clooney, p.g.a. & Grant Heslov, p.g.a.
The Monster Adrienne Biddle, p.g.a.
A Monster Calls Belén Atienza, p.g.a.
Moonlight Adele Romanski, p.g.a.
  Dede Gardner, p.g.a. & Jeremy Kleiner, p.g.a. 
Morgan Ridley Scott, p.g.a.
  Michael Schaefer, p.g.a.
  Mark Huffam, p.g.a.
Mother's Day Mike Karz, p.g.a.
  Wayne Rice, p.g.a.
Mr. Right Michael A. Helfant, p.g.a.
  Bradley Gallo, p.g.a.
  Rick Jacob, p.g.a.
My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 Gary Goetzman, p.g.a. & Tom Hanks, p.g.a.
Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising Seth Rogen, p.g.a.
  Evan Goldberg, p.g.a.
  James Weaver, p.g.a.
Nerve Allison Shearmur, p.g.a.
  Anthony Katagas, p.g.a.
Never Back Down 3 Craig Baumgarten, p.g.a. & David Zelon, p.g.a.
Nocturnal Animals  Tom Ford, p.g.a.
  Robert Salerno, p.g.a.
Now You See Me 2 Alex Kurtzman, p.g.a.
  Bobby Cohen, p.g.a.
Office Christmas Party Scott Stuber, p.g.a.
  Guyman Casady, p.g.a.
  Daniel Rappaport, p.g.a.
Opening Night Topher Grace, p.g.a.
  Daniel Posada, p.g.a.
  Jason Tamasco, p.g.a.
The Other Side of the Door Alexandre Aja, p.g.a.
  Rory Aitken, p.g.a.
Ouija: Origin of Evil Jason Blum, p.g.a.
  Andrew Form, p.g.a. & Brad Fuller, p.g.a. 
Paradise Club Richard J. Bosner, p.g.a.
Paradox Rick Benattar, p.g.a.
  Nigel Thomas, p.g.a.
Passengers Neal H. Moritz, p.g.a.
  Stephen Hamel, p.g.a.
  Michael Maher, p.g.a.
  Ori Marmur, p.g.a.
Patient Kyle Steinike, p.g.a.
Patient Zero Vincent Newman, p.g.a.
The Perfect Match Jennifer Barbaro, p.g.a.
Pete's Dragon Jim Whitaker, p.g.a.
The Phoenix Incident Keith Arem, p.g.a.
  Ash Sarohia, p.g.a.
  Adam Lawson, p.g.a.
Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping Judd Apatow, p.g.a.
  Andy Samberg, p.g.a.
  Jorma Taccone, p.g.a.
  Akiva Schaffer, p.g.a.
Prayer Never Fails Scott Seegmiller, p.g.a.
  Wes Miller, p.g.a.
  Leonard Ohaebosim, p.g.a.
Precious Cargo Randall Emmett, p.g.a. & George Furla, p.g.a.
  Scott Mann, p.g.a.
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Sean McKittrick, p.g.a.
  Allison Shearmur, p.g.a.
  Brian Oliver, p.g.a.
  Marc Butan, p.g.a.
The Process Mitzi Kapture, p.g.a.
Puerto Ricians in Paris Joseph Zolfo, p.g.a.
The Purge: Election Year Jason Blum, p.g.a.
  Sebastian Lemercier, p.g.a.
Queen of Katwe Lydia Pitcher, p.g.a.
  John Carls, p.g.a.
Race Jean-Charles Levy, p.g.a.
  Stephen Hopkins, p.g.a.
  Kate Garwood, p.g.a.
Rebirth  Ross M. Dinerstein, p.g.a.
Remember Us Rudy Vegliante, p.g.a.
  Jason Auerbach, p.g.a.
Ride Along 2 Will Packer, p.g.a.
Risen Mickey Liddell, p.g.a.
  Patrick Aiello, p.g.a.
  Pete Shilaimon, p.g.a.
Rising Tides Rudy Vegliante, p.g.a.
  Jason Auerbach, p.g.a.
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Kathleen Kennedy, p.g.a.
  Allison Shearmur, p.g.a.
  Simon Emanuel, p.g.a.
Rules Don't Apply Warren Beatty, p.g.a.
  Steve Bing, p.g.a.
  Brett Ratner, p.g.a.
Rupture Andrew Lazar, p.g.a.
The Secret Life of Pets Chris Meledandri, p.g.a.
  Janet Healy, p.g.a.
Seduced Stacy Ekstein, p.g.a.
The Shallows Lynn Harris, p.g.a.
  Matti Leshem, p.g.a.
Shifting Gears Matthew Rhoads Zboyovski, p.g.a.
  R. Keith Harris, p.g.a.
Silence Martin Scorsese, p.g.a. & Emma Tillinger Koskoff, p.g.a. 
  Randall Emmett, p.g.a.
  Irwin Winkler, p.g.a.
Sing Janet Healy, p.g.a.
  Chris Meledandri, p.g.a.
Sleepless Adam Stone, p.g.a.
Smitten! David Nichols, p.g.a.
  Julia Rask, p.g.a.
  Barry Morrow, p.g.a.
Snowden Moritz Borman, p.g.a. & Eric Kopeloff, p.g.a. 
  Philip Schulz-Deyle, p.g.a. 
Solace Beau Flynn, p.g.a.
  Thomas Augsberger, p.g.a.
Soaring Highs and Brutal Lows: The Voices of the Women in Metal Mark Harwood, p.g.a.
Southside with You Robert Teitel, p.g.a.
  Tika Sumpter, p.g.a.
  Richard Tanne, p.g.a.
Speech & Debate Tom Rice, p.g.a.
Spirit of the Game Kate Whitbread, p.g.a.
  Spencer McLaren, p.g.a.
  Steve Jaggi, p.g.a.
Split Jamie Buckner, p.g.a.
  Lyman Creason, p.g.a.
Standoff Eric Gozlan, p.g.a.
  Lee Clay, p.g.a.
Star Trek Beyond J.J. Abrams, p.g.a.
  Lindsey Weber, p.g.a.
  Justin Lin, p.g.a.
Storks Brad Lewis, p.g.a.
  Nicholas Stoller, p.g.a.
Sticky Notes Katie Mustard, p.g.a.
The Submarine Kid Deborah Del Prete, p.g.a.
  Jason Gurvitz, p.g.a.
Suicide Squad Charles Roven, p.g.a.
  Richard Suckle, p.g.a.
Sully Clint Eastwood, p.g.a.
  Frank Marshall, p.g.a.
  Allyn Stewart, p.g.a.
  Tim Moore, p.g.a.
The Survivor's Guide to Prison Matthew Cooke, p.g.a.
  Steve DeVore, p.g.a.
The Sweet Life Julie Lynn, p.g.a.
  Bonnie Curtis, p.g.a.
Swiss Army Man Lawrence Inglee, p.g.a.
  Jonathan Wang, p.g.a.
Table 19 Shawn Levy, p.g.a.
  Dan Cohen, p.g.a.
  P. Jennifer Dana, p.g.a.
The Take David Kanter, p.g.a.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows  Michael Bay, p.g.a.
  Andrew Form, p.g.a.
  Brad Fuller, p.g.a.
Temps Jason Duplissea, p.g.a.
  Ryan Sage, p.g.a.
Terrordactyl Eric Edmonds, p.g.a.
Thank You For Your Service Ilan Arboleda, p.g.a.
  Tom Donahue, p.g.a.
Theo Who Lived Amanda Branson Gill, p.g.a.
Touched with Fire Jeremy Alter, p.g.a.
  Kristina Nikolova, p.g.a.
Traded Michael Long, p.g.a.
  Jose Alvarado, p.g.a.
  Timothy Woodward Jr., p.g.a.
  Lauren De Normandie, p.g.a.
Transfiguration Susan Leber, p.g.a.
Tri Theodore A. Adams III, p.g.a.
Triple 9 Marc Butan, p.g.a.
  Anthony Katagas, p.g.a.
  Keith Redmon, p.g.a.
Trolls Gina Shay, p.g.a.
True Crimes Brett Ratner, p.g.a.
  David Gerson, p.g.a.
The Trust Braxton Pope, p.g.a.
  Molly Hassell, p.g.a.
Two Lovers and A Bear Roger Frappier, p.g.a.
Una Jean Doumanian, p.g.a.
  Patrick Daly, p.g.a.
Under the Gun Stephanie Soechtig, p.g.a.
Unforgettable Denise Di Novi, p.g.a. & Alison Greenspan, p.g.a.
  Ravi Mehta, p.g.a.
Urge Aaron Kaufman, p.g.a.
  Yoram Barzilai, p.g.a.
USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage  Richard Rionda Del Castro, p.g.a. 
  Michael Mendelsohn, p.g.a. 
Vincent-N-Roxxy Keith Kjarval, p.g.a.
Viral Jason Blum, p.g.a.
  Matt Kaplan, p.g.a.
War Dogs Mark Gordon, p.g.a.
  Todd Phillips, p.g.a.
  Bradley Cooper, p.g.a.
Warcraft Charles Roven, p.g.a.
  Alex Gartner, p.g.a.
  Thomas Tull, p.g.a. & Jon Jashni, p.g.a.
  Stuart Fenegan, p.g.a.
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