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The MS FACTOR TOOLKIT: The Power of Female Driven Content
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Welcome to the Ms. Factor Toolkit. This has been created by the PGA Women's Impact Network and Women and Hollywood to give you the tools to successfully pitch female-driven content.

Market data regarding movies and television dramatically supports the fact that female-driven content is profitable, yet women working on both sides of the camera remain severely underrepresented.

We hope that producers and filmmakers will use these statistics as "tools" when creating financing proposals to counter those who see gender as limiting. When they say, "Less money is made with female leads, female stars, or female-driven properties," or "Women aren't our target audience" - you can now be armed with the stats that show that female audiences are powerful, and that female participation can lead to profitable outcomes.

The Ms. Factor Toolkit aims to raise awareness among decision-makers and to educate industry members by debunking the myths that perpetuate gender bias. This toolkit shows that by not supporting and valuing female-driven content in the entertainment business there is a significant underserved female audience, and consequently a lot of money being left at the door.

Happy pitching!

Lydia Dean Pilcher and Melissa Silverstein

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The Ms. Factor: The Power of Female Driven Content Toolkit.

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