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Producers Code of Credits

Below, you will find links to help you navigate the PGA’s new Producers Code of Credits (PCOC) and job description pages.

The product of years of research into producing credits and their use within the entertainment industry, the job descriptions herein have been drafted to reflect the current realities and responsibilities of the profession.  Adoption of and adherence to these guidelines will ensure that a project’s given producing credits are accurate and precise.

Within this Credits section, you’ll find a set of job descriptions and guidelines covering producing titles in motion pictures, television and new media.  Each section opens with a series of credit guidelines covering the entire producing team, followed by an in-depth description of the primary producing title for each medium.  (Please note that there is no single primary producing title for new media, comprising as it does a variety of different and discrete platforms.) For each of these titles, a detailed job description and list of producing functions is provided; while no single producer is expected to undertake every one of these functions on a given production, a credited producer must perform a majority of the producing functions listed.

PLEASE NOTE: These functions are definitively NOT organized as a "checklist” to be used in the pursuit of a producing credit. The producer must always place what is best for the production above all other considerations. Efforts by those seeking credit or award-eligibility to insert themselves into meetings or situations where not appropriate will only impede the process of production, and damage the lines of authority and communication. When more than one person seeks recognition as producer, each must take responsibility for preventing conflicting voices to the director and to others on the production. Should an individual be found to have interposed themselves in such inappropriate fashion, he or she will be penalized in their bid for credit certification or award eligibility.

If you would like to view the ads used for the Guild’s landmark "Truth In Credits” campaign, click below for PDFs: