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Conference Comments
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Conference Comments
By Staff 

One weekend at the Produced By Conference offers literally dozens of moments that can help you get a competitive edge, clarify your goals, or simply bring the nature of your work as a producer more clearly into focus. For instance, here’s a couple of minutes from last year’s session Raising Your Tentpole: Producing Motion Picture Franchises. In it, producer and PGA member Ralph Winter (X-Man, Fantastic Four) reviews the different considerations involved in acquiring source material from different media. It’s just a couple of minutes long, but it’s typical of the kind of unique insight and perspective you’ll find at the Produced By Conference.

And remember: That’s just two minutes out of a 75-minute panel discussion, and one panel out of the more than twenty sessions that the Guild puts together for Produced By. If you were wondering whether or not the Produced By Conference was worth your time and money, do the math. It’s a remarkable event, one that can truly change the trajectory of your career. And smart, pragmatic advice like you see in this clip is only the tip of a very large iceberg.

The first set of speakers for this year’s Conference have just been announced, including Chris Nolan (The Dark Knight Rises), Brian Grazer (A Beautiful Mind), Todd Phillips (The Hangover), Nina Jacobson (The Hunger Games), Ted Sarandos (Content Acquisition, Netflix), Bill Lawrence (Cougar Town), Mark Cuban (Owner, HD Net) and numerous others.

Sort of makes you wonder what they’ll have to say this June, doesn’t it?

You can register for Produced By Conference 2012 by clicking here.