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Contract Services Safety Pass Program Courses FAQ
Q: What is the Contract Services Administration Training Trust Fund Safety Pass program?
A: The Safety Pass Program was conceived by the Motion Picture and Television Industry-Wide Labor-Management Safety Committee as a means of addressing the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's requirements that employees be trained in the safe use of equipment and work practices on their job. Because of the freelance nature of many motion picture and television assignments, the Safety Pass Program provides valuable assistance in meeting the training needs of the Industry by providing industry-wide general safety training.

More information can be found at
Q: Am I required to take these courses?
A: No. However as a responsible producing team member, the PGA encourages all members to take the courses. Safety is everyone's responsibility.

Q: Why should I take these courses?
A: These classes have never-before been made available to PGA members. They are comprehensive and thorough on each topic. The Safety Pass Program has been designed to promote safety and health and to prevent injuries, illnesses, and accidents on all productions, both on-lot and off-lot. The information contained in the training program is compiled from sources such as the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, Contract Services Administration Trust Fund, and the Contract Services Administration Training Trust Fund. The Safety Pass Program derives from Federal and California Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) safety regulations.

More information can be found in the April/May 2018 issue of Produced By magazine:
Make It Safe - The PGA Is Giving You The Tools To 'Protect Your Team'

Q: After completing a course, am I considered certified?
A: No. Classes are designed for educational purposes only and are guidelines in best practices regarding film and television production safety.

The Safety Pass Program derives from Federal and California Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) safety regulations. However, the material should be used only as a general guideline. It is not intended as a legal interpretation of any federal, state, or local safety standard.

Q: Am I liable for an incident on my production if I have taken this class?
A: The OSHA General Duty Clause requires employers to maintain a workplace "free of recognizable hazards." A responsible producer has taken steps to mitigate all risk on a production. The producer can potentially be fined or held liable for an accident on a set if they knowingly took no action to prevent a hazardous situation.

Q: What if fail the class?
A: The A, A2, and P classes require you to take an open book test at the end of the course. You must pass the class to receive credit for taking the course. After two (2) failed test attempts the system will require the user to retake the course before attempting the test again. Please email to be issued a no-charge link for additional test attempts.

Q: How long do the classes take to complete?
A: Duration of the classes vary by individual. However, it is recommended to allow at least 1-3 hours per course.

Q: Do I have to complete the class in one session?
A: There is no time limit to complete the training. You can log out and log back in at any time.

Q: Is there proof of my training?
A: After successfully passing a course, you will receive a digital certificate of completion.

Q: What are the system requirements to take the online classes?
A: For the best experience with online training, we recommend using the Browser Download section below to upgrade to the latest version of your browser. Before installing new software, please ensure that the browser is compatible with your operating system and computer hardware.

Technical Requirements:
  • High-Speed Internet Access
  • Hardware:
    • A Windows or Macintosh computer or
    • A mobile device with a browser that supports HTML5 or Adobe Flash Player 10 or higher
  • Supported Operating Systems:
    • Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8
    • Mac OSX v10.5 or higher
    • iOS 5.0 or higher on an iPad
  • Supported Browsers:
    • Our site runs best on Mozilla Firefox
    • Windows: Internet Explorer Version 9 and later, Firefox 1.x and later, Google Chrome
    • Mac: Google Chrome, Firefox 4.0 and later
  • Browser Downloads:
  • Flash
    • Flash Player 10 or later is required to watch training in a browser
    • Flash can be downloaded here:
  • Speakers or headphones to listen to the course audio
  • Ability to open the Course Book PDF document
User Requirements
  • Ability to use a computer and mouse
  • Ability to read English and understand spoken English
  • Ability to hear the audio narration
Q: Are there other courses available?
A: Additional online courses may be available in the future.

Q: Once I purchase a class, how long do I have to take the class? Does the link expire?
A: Links do not expire. There are no time limits to start or, once started, to complete courses. Courses can be started at any time and are designed to start/stop/pick back up where the user left off.

Q: I purchased a class but didn't receive my registration link.
A: It can take up to five business days to receive your registration link. If you have reached the seventh business day and are still without your registration link, please contact us at

Q: What if I forget my Contract Services portal login?
A: Please send your request to

Q: I already have an online portal login through another industry organization, can I use the same one?
A: Members with existing IATTF accounts are able to use the same credentials and login. Select AMS-PGA-Producers Guild of America from the classification drop-down menu when prompted to access purchased classes.

Q: Can my employer purchase classes for me?
A: Yes, as long as the individual they are purchasing for is a PGA member in good standing. Purchases are linked directly to your Contract Services Online Portal. After purchasing the course, you will receive an email with a registration link. Each link is unique. The individual's name and email address are pre-associated with the link.

Q: Can I purchase classes for members of my cast and crew?
A: This particular arrangement is exclusively for PGA members.

Q: Do I have to be a PGA member to purchase the classes?
A: Yes. However select classes are also available to IATSE and DGA members through the CSATTF Safety Pass Program.

Q: Does the PGA provide any other resources on general production safety?
A: YES! Please visit the Safety Initiative page on the PGA website. The PGA also offers ongoing Production Safety education and awareness workshops and panels throughout the year. Videos of past programming are available on the Safety Initiative page.

Q: I have a general comment or question.
A: Please send your email to