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December/January 2019 Produced By Magazine
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JASON BLUM - The Reigning King Of Horror Is Coming Up With New Stuff To Be Scared Of

Swan Song - Marty Bowen and Wyck Godfrey Saved The Best For Last


A Race Lost And Found - How Helen Estabrook And Aaron Gilbert Got Behind "The Front Runner"


No Script? No Problem - "Roma" Wasn't Built In A Day - Or With A Script


The Show Must Go On - Sarah Gilbert Takes The Lead On Her Series' Rebirth, "The Connors"


Time To Stand Up - From The Presidents


ODD NUMBERS - 'Tis The Season: No, Not Awards Season, You Fanatic, That Other Season


MENTORING MATTERS - Finding My Own Voice: Sometimes The Right People Show Up When You Need Them

OPEN DOORS - Answering The Call: Getting Diversity Off The Ground In A New Region


COMMITTEE SPOTLIGHT - An Affection For Connection: The PGA's Events Committee Wants To Nurture The Social Side of Professional Life


RISK TAKERS - No Costumes, No Capes: Championing Movies For Grown-Ups


GOING GREEN - Embracing Sustainable Sets: Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose


BOSPOAT - Best On Set Photo Of All Time: Peace On Earth