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Feature Archive

Welcome to our features article archive. Below you will find articles previously featured on



Novel Idea
by Chris Thomes

Guild and Grapes 2012 Recap
by Brandon Grande 

Going Green: A Conversation with Lesley Chilcott
by PGA 

PGA Poker Tournament 2012
by Chris Debiec 

Guild and Grapes 2012 Preview
by PGA 

PGA Diversity Reunion 2012
by PGA 

Gale Anne Hurd gets Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

Featured Member: Pamela Keller
by PGA

Weekend Shorts Contest 2012
by PGA

PGA Northwest: "An Evening of Locations"
by Brandon Grande 

Featured Member: Karen Sutton
by PGA 

Featured Member: Jennie Bourne
by PGA

In Memoriam: Richard D. Zanuck
by PGA

The New Job Board Is Here
by PGA

Featured Member: Christopher Kaminski
by PGA

PGA Dodger Day 2012
by Michael Quinn Martin

StoryCode: Immersive Media- Stop Talking, Start Creating
by Mike Knowlton

Featured Member: Valerie Johnson-Redrow
by PGA

SilverDocs: The View
SilverDocs: Seeking Truth
SilverDocs: The Take Away

by Renee Rosenfeld

The Imposter's Guide To The Produced By Conference 2012
by PGA

2012 Digital VIP
by PGA

Active Committees
by PGA

The Debra Hill Fellowship
by PGA 

Conference Comments
by PGA 

PGA Video Features
by PGA East 

Niche Guys Finish First
by Doug Ross

Dante's Many Peaks
by Brent Roske

Hot Water
by Chris Thomes

At the Producer Guild Awards 2012
by PGA

PGA Plants Hope
Building a better community with the help of PGA Green.

TOP 5 Film & TV Finance Series Aha! Moments
by Deanna McDaniel

Help Us Help You!
Co-Presidents Mark Gordon and Hawk Koch discuss their aggressive employer outreach campaign.

The Power of Joining Forces
By Michelle Obama

Summer of Monte Wildhorn – PGA Goes Behind the Scenes

When Is Short Long Enough?
by Brent Roske

Producers Produce Jobs
by PGA

PGA Dodger Day 2011
by Michael QuinnMartin

PGA East Shoot-Out
by Jill Kaiser

83rd Annual Academy Awards: A Digital Backstage Pass
by PGA

Conference Call!
by Vance Van Petten

At the Awards 2011!
by PGA

PGA Job Forums: "Hire" Ground
By Beverley Ward, Richie MacDonald and Robin Berla Meyers

2011 PGA Award Winners!

Snapshots of an Evening

PGA Members Mentor Future Members

PGA Award Nominees Announced

The PGA Goes 3D
By Jesse Gordon

PGA Award Winners 1990-2010
By Rebecca Eddy

A Message from the Executive Director
By Vance Van Petten

The Art of the Possible
By Jacob Hentoff

Gale Anne Hurd Brings The Walking Dead to Life
By Jesse Gordon

Hire From Within
By Rachel Klein

Jeff Gomez on Transmedia Producing
By Jeremy Lettiere

Sizzle Reels
By Dan Abrams

Digital 25
By Brittany Geldmacher

Producing Animation and Games for Mobile Devices
By Gina Traficant

PGA Dodger Day
By Michael QuinnMartin

New Media Credit Definitions
from 'Produced By' Summer 2010

The Challenges of a Sustainable Production
By Scott Greenberg

The Ali Paradigm
By Chase Adams

We Shot Our Network Pilot Like a Web Series
By Tim Gibbons

New Perceptions: Augmented Reality as Entertainment
By Chris Thomes

The Future of All Media Was Written in 1993. Kinda.
By Mike Halleen

Going Green
An Interview with Producer Fred Baron

Greed Is Good - Mobile Apps Are Better
Production Related Mobile Apps
By Derek Hildebrandt

Commercial Creep: The Merging of Commercials into Original Programming
By Chris Thomes and Kevin Lezak

Water, Water Everywhere
By Christopher A. Debiec
Photos by Andrew Wright

PGA Website Quick Start Guide
By Chris Thomes