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February/March 2019 Produced By Magazine
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MIKE FARAH - Funny or Die's CEO Considers How To Run A 12 Year-Old Startup

East Meets Best - How Producer John Penotti Went Crazy. Sometimes, To Find Your Way, You Need To Get Lost

Ghosts Of The Future - Bringing Performer And Audience Together In VR


In Her Own Lane - Dany Garcia's Unique Strategy For Production Magic


Death and Taxes (Though It May Feel Like Death) - What Does The New Tax Legislation Mean For You?


Announcing IPSI - From The Presidents


MENTORING MATTERS - Platform Jumping: Making The Leap From Games To Scripted TV


OPEN DOORS - Make This Moment Into A Movement: The Power of Diversity Master Workshop Rides The Crest Of The Wave


ON THE SCENE - Green Light


ABOVE & BEYOND - Find Your People: PGA Service Is The Secret To Making The Most Of Your Membership


GOING GREEN - The First Step Is The Last Straw: Social Storytelling Where Activism Meets Clickitivism


BOSPOAT - Best On Set Photo Of All Time: Cut!

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