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June/July 2018 Produced By Magazine
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CHARLES D. KING - Charles D. King Isn't Looking To Join Your Club. (But Maybe You Could Join His...)

Natural Born Producer - Indie Veteran Lynette Howell Taylor Takes Aim At The Heart of Hollywood


Social Networking - A Producer's Guide To Social Media Success

Scaring Is Caring - Jack Davis And Crypt TV Connect The Millennial Masses With Their Monsters


Full Spectrum - Exceptional Minds Create Vital Opportunities For A Unique Set of Students



Four Years Later - From The Presidents


OPEN DOORS - Moving The Needle: The PGA's Master Workshop Develops Top-Shelf Inclusive Projects. The Rest Is Up To You


Mentoring Matters - Learning To Ride The Wave: Keep The Focus On What's In Your Control, Not What's Beyond It


ABOVE & BEYOND - Signing Off: Saluting A Landmark Cohort of PGA Leaders


Going Green - Fests That Pass The Tests: Film Festivals Are Now Walking and Talking Green


BOSPOAT - Best On Set Photo Of All Time: The Long View