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Member Central
This website is the central information clearinghouse for all aspects of your PGA membership, and hope that its functionalities allow you to take advantage of your membership in all kinds of new and exciting ways. For more information about each of its many features, click on the links below.

Update Your Member Information 

Manage your member profile.  Click "Edit Bio" to update your address and contact information.

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Sign in to your PGA online account to access all our online resources. If you're leaving a public or shared computer, sign out for security.

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Your PGA membership comes with an extraordinary array of benefits, including eligibility for employer-paid or discounted self-pay health coverage, access to the Guild’s screening and seminar programs, a variety of job and employment initiatives, and member discounts on everything from hotels, to software, to car rentals, to the Produced By Conference. You can review the full scope of your benefits here.

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Paying Dues

We recommend that you use the fastest and easiest way to pay your dues, which is paying by your debit/credit card. The PGA website accepts payments from Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.  Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Click on "Membership Info" in the gray MY PROFILE box on the right side of the page.
  2. When you reach the MEMBERSHIP INFORMATION page click "Securely renew your membership now".
  3. Verify your CONTACT/BILLING INFORMATION and enter your credit card info in the appropriate fields under PAYMENT INFORMATION.
  4. Ensure that the "Credit Card" radio button is selected and then click the "Submit Securely" button. After clicking the "Submit Securely" button, a dialogue box appears asking you to confirm payment. Click "OK" to complete the transaction. 

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There’s always something exciting coming up at the PGA. Click here to access the site’s interactive calendar to learn about (and in some cases, RSVP for) the Guild’s wide variety of screenings, seminars, meetings and networking events.

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One of the Producers Guild’s key mandates is to help our members find jobs, and help employers fill out their teams with the most experienced and trusted professionals in the business. If you’re a member, use this Jobs section to browse the site’s Job Board for open positions. If you’re an employer, use the site to post your open jobs, and get access to the finest pool of producing talent in the world.

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ATTENTION EMPLOYERS: Are you ready to hire a great producer or an essential member of your producing team?  Visit our For Employers section to learn how to post jobs and search the PGA's member database.

Every year sees the annual elections of new members of the Guild’s Council Boards of Delegates, as well as—when applicable—balloting for Guild officers and proposed amendments to the PGA Constitution. Use this are of the site to learn about candidates for seats and to cast your votes.

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One of the great benefits of membership is the ability to connect with thousands of other producers and team members, all of whom are listed in the Guild’s database and online roster. Use an incredible variety of keywords and search terms to narrow your search to the members who fit the precise needs of your project.

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Browse through different group listings, including council designations, to find and connect with fellow PGA members.

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