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Membership FAQ
The following are frequently asked questions by potential members and applicants.
  1. How long does the application process take?

    Between 30-90 days. First, your application is checked to make sure you've sent in all the information and items requested. Applications that are incomplete are returned immediately. Then all of your materials are passed on to the Membership Committee to verify your credits and job duties. After the Committee makes a determination on your eligibility for membership, their findings are forwarded to the Board of Directors for ratification.

  2. Why does the application process take so long?

    Though the Producers Guild of America is a trade organization and not a labor union, we are not a social club that grants inclusion as a matter of course. A core value of the PGA is credit integrity in motion picture, television, and new media. The application process is designed to ensure that applicants are working professionals who not only received credit under their respective titles, but also have performed the functions that are prescribed under that credit before becoming member. Our Membership Committee is composed of active producers across all disciplines and media formats that generously contribute their free time in order to ensure that the PGA membership is only composed of working professionals of the highest caliber.

  3. Do I have to supply a sponsor name (and 2 industry references)?

    Yes. Applications without the references will not be considered, and are returned immediately.

  4. I don't want to lose my $50.00 processing fee. How do I know if I qualify ahead of time?

    Carefully read the job definitions and review the membership requirements. If you feel you have a special circumstance or question, please email us at

  5. I don't use a resume or bio, how can I still apply?

    We assume any serious applicant is an accomplished entertainment industry professional and keeps his/her resume current. A resume or bio must accompany the application form or you will be rejected without consideration. If you submit an application without a resume or bio, the $50.00 processing fee you send is spent for nothing.

  6. What types of productions are ineligible for determining qualified individuals for membership?

    The PGA does not recognize the following types of production:

    • Commercials
    • Corporate videos
    • EPKs
    • Infomercials
    • Interstitials
    • Music production
    • Music videos
    • Non-domestic TV
    • Pornography
    • Promos
    • PSAs
    • Short films
    • Student films
    • Telethons
    • TV pilots

  7. I produce commercials and music videos. Do I qualify?

    No. Membership is limited to full length, nationally-broadcast television shows (network or cable); widely released theatrical feature films; direct to home video features released by a national distributor; or established, major new media productions. Refer to FAQ #6.

  8. I produce infomercials. Do I qualify?

    No. Refer to FAQ #6.

  9. My only national credit was a pilot that never aired. Do I qualify?

    No. Pilots do not qualify for membership unless they aired as part of a series or as a standalone broadcast.

  10. I work in news and/or sports shows. Do I qualify?

    Yes, in some cases.

  11. I work in local television. Do I qualify?

    Yes, in some cases. Local qualifying shows must have aired on a channel that receives a composite average of at least 1,000,000 viewers as verified by a reputable measurement index, such as Nielsen Media Research.

  12. I do Promos and EPKs. Do I qualify?

    No. Refer to FAQ #6.

  13. I produce shows for PBS. Do I qualify?

    Yes, in some cases.

  14. I don't see my job title on your list. How can I qualify?

    First refer to FAQs #3 and #6. We consider applications on a case-by-case basis. When the job tasks performed fall within one of the PGA's official job descriptions, we may make exceptions.

  15. My TV credits are only from Europe, Asia, or Australia, etc. Do I qualify?

    Unfortunately at present we only consider domestic credits or wide global credits. Refer to FAQ #6.

  16. I do Spanish language programs. Do I qualify?

    Language is not the determining factor. You qualify based on the program’s distribution and your actual credits and jobs performed.

  17. Why all the requirements to get into the PGA?

    Members who join the PGA represent the highest standards in film, television, and new media professionals. The PGA is dedicated to containing the proliferation of credits in our industry and setting the standard for knowledge, professionalism, expertise, and quality within the producing profession. We believe that by using our Roster, a show can be professionally and reliably staffed not only with skilled but excellent PGA members. Our obligation to our membership is to ensure that all prospective individuals must not only perform the tasks described in the job description, but perform them well.

  18. I produce for the Internet. Do I qualify?

    Yes, in some cases. Qualifying productions are limited to digitally-enabled storytelling productions and internet entertainment productions.

  19. My company wants to become a corporate affiliate; do you have a membership branch for this?

    No. Companies are welcome to participate as sponsors, but not in exchange for membership. Please contact the Sponsorship Director, Diane Salerno (Diane [at] for more information on specific sponsorship opportunities.

    Additionally, companies cannot press its employees to join the Guild. If qualified, individuals can join the PGA, but only as individual members not as part of a blanket company "membership” (since there is no such category).

  20. I’m a DGA UPM, where do I fit in?

    If you have been performing traditional duties of a Production Manager, whether union (DGA) or not, we recognize the work performed. Qualifying PM work done would place you in the AP Council.

  21. Someone from your organization asked me for an air check to confirm my credits. What is an air check? Why do you need it?

    An air check is a tape or DVD recorded right off the air as the program is broadcast. It is longer than the full-length show, contains all the commercials, station IDs, network or cable IDs, promos, network bugs and credits. Since the PGA constitution and bylaws requires national air credits, this is one way to confirm your credentials. It also lets the membership committee see other names on the credits with which we can cross reference your application. The air check is often requested from applicants who live and work outside of the Los Angeles area.

  22. Why did you return my application form?

    Your application was missing vital information, including but not limited to your supporting documents (bio/resume) and payment for the correct amount. Please resubmit your complete corrected application again.

  23. I applied but was rejected. How can I be reconsidered?

    First read the job descriptions and these FAQs to see if you have overlooked one of our criteria. In addition, membership criteria can change as our bylaws evolve and our organization adapts to changes within the industry. So check back regularly.

    The PGA evaluates the body of work you have accomplished within your selected category. Your number of credits in that category may not be sufficient. The PGA only accepts credits for the tasks actually performed not gratuitous or arbitrary titles. Having a credit in one of our categories does not guarantee admittance. Doing the work implied by the credit is given a higher priority than the title alone. Category professional peers research your application from the membership committee sees your application. Finally your application is seen and voted on by the Board of Directors. Anywhere between two and twenty people can read your application depending on its complexity. If you believe that your application warrants further reconsideration contact the Director of Membership for more info.