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The PGA New Media Council


We are well into the digital revolution and new media is here to stay. From both a business and creative perspective, new media content and planning are now a legitimate part of traditional production cycles, budgets and marketing, and not considered an afterthought.

The PGA New Media Council is comprised of highly qualified experts in every aspect of new media production -- including Broadband, Digital Animation, Digital Visual Effects, DVD/Blu-ray, Games, Interactive Television, Mobile Production, Special Venue Production, and Tansmedia. The PGA NMC has chapter in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York.

We are here to provide leadership, serve as a much-needed resource to the community, and offer educational, advisory, and networking opportunities for all members of the Producers Guild, regardless of media or genre.


Identify and address the issues
Since its formation, the New Media Council has sought to identify and address some of the issues that lie most immediately before the PGA. These include how "new media" should be defined, and how the roles of the new media producer compare to their counterparts in traditional media

Find the balance between technology and story

Above all, the New Media Council recognizes that the medium must serve the story and not the other way around. When creators forsake the story in pursuit of the latest production fad, they risk losing their way. As new technologies and platforms are introduced, it's vital that we maintain a sophisticated level of understanding and involvement in relation to these emerging trends. This way, we can ensure the best representation of the producer, no matter however the roles might change.

Strengthen the community as a whole
The New Media Council ensures that the Producers Guild and its members continue to lead in the development of new media. It's a testament to the vision and commitment of the PGA NMC that it has recognized today's complex and unstructured digital space as an immense and promising opportunity for those willing to embrace and benefit from what it has to offer.


Games (Console and Online)
Mobile Production
Digital Visual Effects
Digital Animation
iTV (Interactive/Enhanced Television)
Special Venue Production