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PGA Network
The Producers Guild is more than just a gathering place for producers. It’s a network of interconnected committees, programs and initiatives, all designed to further the career prospects of our membership, and promote the general welfare of the entertainment industry. We encourage you to click on the links below to get a sense of some of our most vital areas of focus:

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The Guild's PGA Green Committee maintains this website, offering up-to-the-minute information designed to help you achieve a sustainable production. It serves as an informational clearinghouse for everything you need to "green” your production, from an international interactive vendor list to best practices and each studio's green guidelines. PGA Green is leading the charge toward environmentally-friendly productions world-wide.

Find out more about PGA Green.

As the first of the major entertainment guilds to embrace digital storytellers, the Producers Guild is proud to have incorporated New Media producers into its membership and leadership. Producers or team members who work in broadband, mobile entertainment, DVD & Blu-Ray, games, visual effects digital animation, interactive television, special venues, and transmedia are encouraged to explore the New Media Council’s own site, and ideally become a part of this thriving, leading-edge community.

Find out more about the PGA New Media Council.

Where would we be without our sponsors? The Producers Guild is immensely grateful to the organizations that have stepped up and chosen to support the Guild’s programs and initiatives. We’re proud to claim each and every one of them as members of the PGA family.

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The Diversity Committee's mission is to promote diversity and inclusion in the entertainment industry. Independent Diversity Committees on the west and east coasts oversee the Producers Guild's diversity-driven programs and resources, including the annual Producing Workshop: The Power of Diversity.

Click here to navigate to the pages for the Diversity Committees and the Producing Workshop.

The Women's Impact Network's mission is to promote gender equity as part of the Producers' Guild of America's larger vision of diversity.  The committee forms a communication network within the PGA that is focused on sharing information around examining and addressing gender barriers facing women in the entertainment industry. This network supports a natural form of mentorship; and also celebrates contemporary and historical women’s film and media culture.

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