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Important Screener Information For All Producers Guild of America Members
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It should answer any questions you have about receiving screeners.

Receiving DVD screeners for feature films under awards consideration is one of the most popular benefits of PGA membership. As such, we want to make sure that all of our members are in a position to take full advantage of this benefit. In order to receive DVD screeners for the 2016 awards season, PGA members must fulfill these simple requirements:


• Unless you are current on your membership dues you will not receive screeners.
• Several email notifications are sent alerting current and delinquent members to pay their dues. If you received this notice and haven’t paid your dues, please log in to your online account at in order to settle your account.
• If you become current during the time screeners are being sent to the membership, you will begin receiving your screeners approximately 2-3 weeks after receipt of payment. You will not retroactively receive screeners that you may have missed due to delinquent payment.


• In order to ensure that you receive all notifications and updates concerning the screener awards season you should ensure that you have a valid/current email address with the PGA
• Please log into your PGA online account to verify and update your email address as needed.
• In addition, you should add the “” email address suffix to your safe list in order to ensure email notifications from the PGA are sent to your inbox and not your trash/junk/spam folder.


• The Guild must have a signed screener agreement on file for each member. The agreement certifies that the member is aware of the legal responsibilities and restrictions that govern the receipt and possession of screeners.
• You only need to sign this form once during your PGA membership, so if you’ve submitted a screener agreement in the past, do not resubmit a new one for this year. You only need to sign this agreement once and it remains effective throughout your membership.


• The mailing lists used by the studios to send screeners are taken directly from the PGA database. You must have a current SCREENER ADDRESS listed in your online profile of the PGA website in order to ensure that screeners are mailed to the correct location. Screener Address fields are under the “Additional Information” heading in your online profile.
• The screener address you provide must:

o Be a location where an individual (does not have to be you) is physically present to sign for the delivery. FEDEX & UPS will not leave screeners at your door and they will return any undeliverable screeners to the sender (usually within 24 hours).
o Be a STREET address, screeners will not be delivered to P.O. boxes.
o In addition, the carriers will not allow employees at PO Box businesses with street addresses to sign for screeners.
o Keep your screener address updated throughout the season. If you’re going on vacation or your delivery preference changes, make sure to change the address in your Screener Address fields in your online profile

• Please log into your PGA online account to verify and update your SCREENER ADDRESS as needed.

• Please do not request that a PGA staff member change your screener address for you. To insure accuracy to your address, please add or modify it yourself.

• Members are able to maintain more than one address in their online account. This includes a primary address, business address and a SCREENER ADDRESS. If you haven’t already, please log into your account through the PGA website and fill in your screener address. If you do not list a screener address, your primary address will be used as a default and will serve as your screener address as well.

• We now have a field in which you can indicate your preference to receive Blu-Ray Screeners. Most studios do not send Blu-Rays yet, however, if they do, your preference will be noted.

To update your screener address, follow these instructions:
1. Log in to the site with your username and password.
2. Click on the “Member” tab at the top of the page.
3. Click on “Member Central” from drop-down list.
4. Click on the "Manage Your Profile Here…”
5. Click on Edit Bio".
6. Scroll down to the section title “Additional Information”. There you will see fields for your screener address. Complete those fields and click the “Save Changes” button at the bottom of the page.

As you may already know, the screeners are never sent directly from the PGA offices. All screeners are sent to you from mailing houses selected by the studios. Although we do everything we can to make sure you receive your screeners, occasional complications may occur. While we will help to resolve any oversights, the final responsibility for rectifying any issues lies with the studio.

We appreciate your diligence in addressing the requirements listed above, and look forward to enjoying this year’s rich and exciting awards season along with you.