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The Producers Guild Presents Weekend Shorts Challenge 2013 - FAQ
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Q: Do you have to be a member of the PGA to enter? Also, is it correct that you can still submit a short even though you are in another state?

A: You do not need to be a member of the PGA nor do you need to be in California to participate.

Q: The rules say the cutoff time for the upload is 5pm PDST. Is that when the upload has to begin or the upload needs to be finished?

A: The upload needs to be finished by 5pm PDST. Please plan accordingly. Any additional questions you have regarding uploading should be addressed to

Q: What happens if multiple participants are trying to upload at the same time and the server is overloaded so that your upload does not finish until after the deadline has expired?

A: Any technical questions you have regarding this issue should be addressed to

Q: How do you confirm that your registration is complete?

A: Please contact WAB filmmaker support at with any registration questions.

Q: You’ve registered for the contest and have a few questions.
  • Can you have raw materials for props set aside?
  • Can you have volunteers assigned and ready to go?
  • Can you have a team assigned and ready to go?
  • Can you already have possible locations scouted and ready?
  • Do the end credits count toward the time limit?
A: All of this information can be found in the contest rules.

It’s up to you what you prepare prior to the contest.

The rules also say that credits do not count toward the time limit but they must be less than 60 seconds.

Q: Will you be making available any agreement with SAG for using union performers in a short film for the 2nd Annual Producers Guild Weekend Shorts Contest?

A: Please see SAG forms at the bottom of the Rules page.  Filled out forms may be e-mail to or mailed to SAG-AFTRA 5757 Wilshire Blvd, LA, CA 90036.

Q: Can you use pre-existing music in your short?

A: Pre-existing music is allowed in your project as long as you have secured the requisite licenses (sync, master, etc.).

Q: When do we submit the entry agreement?

A: Upon submission of the secure online screener on Sunday, September 8 to Withoutabox, please email a copy of the signed agreements directly to:

Q: When will you be announcing the winners?

A: Winners will be announced on or about November 9.