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PGA at Sundance

pga at sundance

Producers Guild of America at Sundance Film Festival

The Producers Guild of America is headed to Park City for the 2013 Sundance Film Festival!

With sixty members screening thirty four films (read the list here), our members represent a significant portion of this year's slate, and we're excited to get a chance to meet with them to talk a little shop.  Every day, we'll be uploading a short interview clip, with full edited interviews to come after the festival. 

Since Sundance is one of ten membership qualifying film festivals, we'll also be reaching out to producers in attendance regarding membership.

Be sure to find us at one of our events, or connect with us on Twitter (@pgaeast #pgaatsundance) or Instagram (@pgaeast #pgaatsundance). We would love to hear from you.


January 21 PGA Producers' Breakfast and Inaugural Viewing party

The PGA, along with PGA East Chair Peter Saraf, will be hosting a breakfast conversation with 2013 Milestone Award Recipient Harvey Weinstein and PGA President Mark Gordon, followed by a viewing of the 57th US Presidential Inauguration. Event is by invitation only. To request an inviation, email

January 22, PGA at the New York Lounge

Join members and staff of the PGA East for an informal chat and breakfast at the New York Lounge from 9:30am to 11:00am. 580 Main Street

Daily Dispatches

Friday, January 18 - Interview with John Hadity, PGA East Chair Emeritus

Saturday, January 19 - Interview with Albert Berger and Ron Yerxa

Sunday, January 20 - Interview with Jay Van Hoy, Lars Knudsen, and Frederik Malmberg

Monday, January 21 - Interview with PGA East Chair Peter Saraf 

Tuesday, January 22 - Interview with Michael Costigan